Sinterit Unveils Bigger and Better Version of Lisa SLS 3D Printer

Three years ago, the Polish 3D printer manufacturer Sinterit released the Sinterit Lisa, a workbench-sized selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printer that paved an affordable path towards this industrial-grade additive manufacturing technology. While SLS 3D printing still hasn’t reached the consumer market like FDM and SLA has, the Lisa has certainly helped bridge the gap. At under $7,000, this compact machine has made SLS more accessible to prosumers and small businesses.

Earlier this year, All3DP had the opportunity to visit the company’s Kraków-based headquarters to meet the team and test out the Sinterit Lisa on-site.

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Since then, the Sinterit team has been hard at work developing the Sinterit Lisa 2, a new and improved SLS 3D printer that features a sleek redesign, larger build volume and a built-in nitrogen chamber. This model was released just a few months ago, and is priced starting at $14,900.

However, the manufacturer hasn’t forgotten about its flagship 3D printer. As a matter of fact, Sinterit has just unveiled an enhanced version of the original Lisa, offering an improved SLS experience at the same low-cost. The company has implemented a number of changes and improvements into the desktop SLS 3D printer.

“Our R&D team was continuously working from the release date of Sinterit Lisa in 2014. We spent almost every day of this nearly four year period finding out what could be done better, more comfortable for the user and as flawless as possible. I am so proud of the fantastic work and incredible dedication of our engineers. Their work is going to help our clients print better and more reliably,” says co-founder Michal Grzymala-Moszczynski.

The three co-founders of Sinterit (From L to R: Paweł Szczurek, Michał Grzymała-Moszczyński, Konrad Głowacki)

The Upgraded Sinterit Lisa Offers a Bigger Print Volume and More Reliability

One of the most noticeable improvements added to the Sinterit Lisa is a larger build volume on the Y-axis. The Sinterit team has raised the overall diagonal dimension of the printing area raised from 227 to 245 mm. Although the printing bed hasn’t physically changed in size, better heating within the chamber allows users to print bigger objects.

There are a handful of other hardware enhancements that have been implemented into the flagship model, including a tighter gasket and protective glass, both of which increase efficiency and prevent the 3D printer from losing temperature.

Finally, the new iteration of the Sinterit Lisa is also easier to maintain. It provides quicker access to the printer’s lid, and makes it easier to replace the laser protective glass. All in all, these slight changes go a long way, as it reduces the time users need to start printing and clean the printer once a job is complete.

Despite the range of advancements that have been integrated into this printer, the new version of the Sinterit Lisa is currently available for the same price as its predecessor. The new and improved SLS 3D printer will be priced at $6,990 (4,990 euro) until August 1.

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