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From augmented reality headsets to exoskeleton suits and impossibly weird sex toys, each new year seems to see the arrival of a bizarre new tech trend. Meanwhile, the humble laptop stands tall against these oddities, representing an island of calm amidst a sea of Silicon Valley-endorsed madness.

Yep, when you boil it all down, today's MacBook is pretty much the same as it was a decade ago, and that's absolutely fine. You don't want the next big thing when choosing your latest laptop. You want a machine that can get your job done without running out of battery. Also, it shouldn't weigh you down to the point where your daily commute resembles an episode of World's Strongest Man.

Thankfully, we've picked the best laptops for exactly this job. From Dell's XPS 13 to Google's Pixelbook and Apple's finest blend of metal and glass, these are the top portable powerhouses for work, gaming and beyond.

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