Couple that escaped Eugene mobile home fire speaks out – KEZI TV

EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene couple is thanking the Eugene Springfield Fire Department for giving them lessons that helped save their lives.

After a fatal fire at a Eugene mobile home park, park community members went to a meeting with fire marshals about fire safety.


Because of that meeting, Bea Koch and her husband changed their 19-year-old smoke detectors just two days before a fire damaged their home and ten days after that fatal fire.

“The fire marshals being here that day saved my life,” Koch said. “That’s why I’m sitting here. My husband, my puppy. I can’t say enough for them.”

Koch said that she woke up at four on Tuesday morning to let her dog outside.

She said she hung out in her living room for a while, but stopped by her spare bathroom before going back to bed.

She went into the bathroom, turned on the lights and the home filled with smoke from a fire that was underneath and inside the walls of the home.

“The alarms started going off, I got Nicki put away, I found out my phones weren’t working,” Koch said. “I ran to the neighbor, banged on her door, rang the doorbell, called the fire department — I think the house is on fire.”

As a result of both recent fires, other community members have also signed up to have their smoke detectors inspected and replaced.

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