The Sunday Times, November 18 2018, 12:01am

The Mural

Mural by Flora Roberts

This winter, make like Jean Cocteau: the French polymath immortalised his bohemian Côte d’Azur holiday home, Santo Sospir, by turning its interior into a monumental canvas for his whimsical neoclassical art. (He called it a tattooed villa with dressed skin, FYI.) Now the mural movement is back. “I love the idea of creating something unique that’s inspired by the space,” says the British designer Luke Edward Hall, whose own commissions have included private residences in LA and the south of France, and Christie’s auction house in London. “A mural is totally personalised. Everything has become more tailored to the individual — this is one step further than a customised wallpaper.”

Mural by Flora Roberts
Fauna design by Maude Smith

It’s Flora Roberts (, though, who’s the undisputed mural queen. A member of…