More than 50% of mobile phones sold in Serbia are without warranty

More than 50 percent of mobile phones sold in Serbia do not have a manufacturer’s warranty, according to data from state authorities and customer complaints compiled by the country’s Consumer Protection Association, reports Danas. Most of the phones sold in Serbia are actually intended for sale in other markets, and they reach gray channels in Serbia and therefore do not have a manufacturer’s warranty. 

According to the Association, phones of dubious origin are being sold in stores at elite locations in all major cities, which regularly advertise their offer. Customers, as a rule, find out that their phone does not have a manufacturer’s warranty until it breaks down, and authorized repairers refuse to repair them, although they do not dispute that the devices are genuine and that they are in the warranty period. The Association also estimates that over one million phones each year are imported in Serbia outside of legal channels.

In Serbia, it is safe to buy phones via mobile network operators, however the problem is that their phones are more expensive.

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