Fabulous phone accessories

Should you find yourself taking your phone into the shower to avoid missing an important call, you may want to reconsider your work/life balance. However, this waterproof phone sleeve is also great for outdoor activities like beach time and boating. It has a double-secure closure, is submersible up to five feet  and the phone is fully usable in the sleeve.

€5; shop.designist.ie

Cool runnings

The downside about running is that you don’t have anywhere to put your phone or even some cash. Enter the Run Tech Belt. This expandable, waterproof pouch has an earphone cable slot, adjustable belt and sits just around the waist. It will easily accommodate phone, wallet and keys.

If you travel a lot or have a lengthy commute, and don’t want to bring a tablet, watching anything from films to videos on your smartphone doesn’t make for the best viewing experience. The Magni-Viewer, which is suitable for all smartphones, allows you to slip your phone into the device and it magnifies the screen so that you can watch at twice the size.

€25.19; firebox.com

A cracked screen is both annoying and pricey to fix but this finger loop ensures you’ll never drop your phone again. Made of soft-touch leather, it attaches to the back of your phone or phone case with an easy removable non-residue adhesive. It can also work as a stand to prop up your phone for FaceTime or video watching.

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