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Getting fit and healthier can be tough, but wearables, such as fitness bands and smart watches can help by tracking your daily steps, and the distance you run, cycle and swim.

This information is sent via Bluetooth to a smartphone app, where you can view a daily breakdown, track improvement over time and get tips. There are various types of trackers available, let us help you find the right one for you.

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For the fitness novice

You want to become healthier, you want something that tracks your steps so you can hit that 10,000 step goal, along with tracking the odd cycle, run or swim.

A dedicated fitness band is a good option, showing calories burnt, active minutes, distance, sleep and some may include heart-rate monitoring. The job of these devices is to track fitness, so they aren’t as feature rich as a smartwatch. They’ll lack a touchscreen and are typically made from plastic, although advanced ones some will show notifications.

Consider: A good beginners options is the waterproof Huawei Band 2 Pro, which includes heart-rate monitoring, a bonus at a comparatively affordle price point.  For more advance features the Fitbit Charge 3 tracks heart rate, swims, can display notifications and even make payments. Wareable named if Fitness Tracker of the Year.

For the smartphone lover

Fitbit Versa

You want to track fitness, but you also want phone capability on your wrist.

smartwatch is the best choice for you. These are essentially mini computers that can display messages, show calendar and app notifications, receive calls, play music and make contactless payments. Oten made from premium materials, with a choice of straps, Smartwatches look more like traditional timepieces than sports accessories and usually have a colour touchscreen with faces you change via the app.

Consider: If you’ve got an iPhone the Apple Watch offers the most integration, such as the water resistant to 50m Series 4. Other options include the Samsung Galaxy Watch and Fitbit Versa range.

For the traditional timepiece fan

Withings Steel HR

You want to something more advanced than a fitness band to track exercise, such as step counting, heart-rating monitoring and GPS but you want the styling of a traditional analogue watch.

hybrid smartwatch is the device to go, forgoing the large (often touchscreen) digital display of a dedicated smartwatch for a traditional clock face, more elegant styling and battery that lasts longer

Consider: The stainless steel cased Withings Steel HR (above) comes in black or white faces with a tiny digital screen for displaying like call alerts, app notifications and more. Alternatively Fossil’s Hybrid Smartwatch comes in black or blush pink with leather strap and despite including a built-in fitness tracker Fossil says it doesn’t need to be charged, you just replace the watch battery after six months.

For more advanced cyclists and swimmers

Garmin 645 Music on womans arm

You’ve had a fitness band for a while and want something more advanced, or you are a running or cycling enthusiast looking for a wearable hat drills down more iinto your results.

A dedicated sports watch is what you need, with features like GPS for accurately track distance and pace, and a heart-rate monitor to evaluate your performance. Battery life is important, particularly if you plan on using it outside for runs and cycles, so look for the number of hours the battery it will last in GPS mode.

Consider: The highly-rated Garmin Forerunner 935 has a 24-hour GPS mode, while the new Forerunner Music 645 (14 hour GPS mode) lets you download 500 songs to pair with Bluetooth headphones to listen on-the-go. Elsewhere the Polar M430 (8 hours GPS mode) and Garmin Forerunner 35 (13 hours GPS mode) are more affordable options.

For the swimmer

[embedded content]

You swim – whether it’s churning out lengths in the pool, braving open water or triathlon training, You want something to measure distance, stroke length and time.

Opt for a general fitness tracker or smartwatch. Crucially one with waterproof capabilities and a dedicated swimming mode – being splashproof is not enough. The ATM (atmospheres) rating is what you need to look for – 3 ATM means it can withstands pressure equivalent to 30 metres, while 5 ATM means it can withstand pressure equivalent to 50 metres.

Consider: The Fitbit Versa (5 ATM) and Garmin Forerunner 935 (5 ATM) are smartwatch options, while a more affordable choice is the Moov Now (3 ATM), a fitness band that tracks laps, stroke length and also offers coaching advice.

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