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Are you on a Google Meet or Zoom meeting every day? For remote workers, videoconferencing has become a major part of our daily tasks. This means you have to make sure those video calls go smoothly. Apart from your network and router setups, nailing a perfect video call requires good gear. Today’s digest gives you 11 gadgets that can take your Google Meet or Zoom meeting to the next level.

Most of us working remotely are used to Google Meet or Zoom meetings these days. So it’s only natural that we’d look for gadgets to enhance this experience. Yes, you read that right! There are videoconferencing gadgets that can actually help you take those calls like a pro.

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From videoconferencing monitors to gadgets made specifically for Zoom calls, today’s digest highlights 11 useful devices that can take your next Google Meet call, Zoom meeting, or Slack chat to the next level. So, if you are on video calls throughout the day at work, these gadgets are definitely worth adding to your wish list.

Meeting Owl Pro 360º Camera

The Meeting Owl Pro 360º Camera makes your meetings so real. It includes a 360-degree camera, mic, and speaker. Just put the device in the center of your conference table and start talking; it’ll pick up both video and audio. And the owl design looks pretty cool in your office.

Poly Studio P15 Videoconferencing Bar

The Poly Studio P15 Videoconferencing Bar is another of our favorite must-have Zoom meeting gadgets. This camera actually helps you look your best, thanks to its high-end optics and automatic camera framing. So the focus will always stay on you, even if you get up and move around. And the acoustics give your voice that professional quality everyone wants to hear.

Poly Studio 21 Personal Meeting Monitor

The Poly Studio 21 Personal Meeting Monitor takes your videoconferences to a whole new level. This single device works with any video app and includes everything you need for an insanely good virtual meeting: a camera, display, microphone, speakers, and ambient lighting. And, yes, you can count on the ambient light to help you look your best no matter what.

oly Studio 21 Personal Meeting Monitor

Poly Studio 21 personal meeting monitor in use

Poly Studio P5 Professional Webcam

Or, if you prefer a webcam, the Poly Studio P5 Professional Webcam is a great one. It’s on our roundup of must-have gadgets for video conferencing because it’s designed to make you look good on every call thanks to its fine-tuned Poly optics. With automatic low-light compensation and brilliant colors, it ensures you look professional in any room. The microphone hones in on your voice, ignoring background noise.

Logitech Zone Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Get work done with the Logitech Zone Wireless Bluetooth Headset. This headset is the gadget you want when you work from anywhere thanks to its excellent sound, Qi wireless charging, and flip-to-mute mic. It also connects to your smartphone and computer at the same time for superior Skype calls and videoconferences.

Facebook Portal 10″ Video Calling Device

The Facebook Portal 10″ Video Calling Device is one of our must-have Zoom meeting gadgets because it gives you consistently good calls. It automatically adjusts to and follows action, whether you’re chasing the kids through the house or cooking in the kitchen. Design-wise, this calling gadget looks like a picture frame so it won’t clash with your home’s decor.

Pictar Work-from-Home Kit

Have you ever felt like you needed a whole kit to improve your videoconferences? The Pictar Work-from-Home Kit does just that. It comes with tools for pro-quality video calls, including a wide-angle lens, smart light, and tripod. The wide-angle lens gives you a 160-degree angle, and the smart lighting gives your image that studio quality.

Highfive Videoconferencing Equipment

The Highfive Videoconferencing Equipment makes your web conferences more convenient. That’s because it’s one of our must-have Zoom meeting gadgets that allows you to screen share your conversations in HD video and high-quality audio format. It also allows for wireless projection, and its Bluetooth connection reduces annoying cables.

Highfive Video Conferencing Gadget

Highfive videoconferencing gadget in use

DTEN Zoom for Home Remote Office Device

What you need to collaborate with your team is the DTEN Zoom for Home Remote Office Device. It’s on our list of must-have Zoom meeting gadgets because it facilitates remote teamwork. We’re talking about eight noise-reducing microphones, three smart webcams, and high-precision calls. It even syncs with your calendar.

Sidekick Always-on Video Screen

The Sidekick Always-on Video Screen is another excellent way to stay in touch with your team. This device connects you via video all day long because it’s on by default. So you’ll feel like you’re in the same room as everyone else. That way, you won’t miss out on the informal office chats that are integral to constructive, creative work.

Sidekick always-on video screen

Sidekick always-on video screen in a home office

LG UltraWide 38WN95C Multitasking Monitor

The LG UltraWide 38WN95C Multitasking Monitor gives you a beautiful display on which you can see everyone with ease. Its curved design keeps you immersed in every moment and makes multitasking easier. And it helps you switch seamlessly from editing and designing to calls with your team. Plus, with a color spectrum that supports 98% of the DCI-P3 color gamut, it lets you see everything as you are meant to.

LG UltraWide 38WN95C multitasking monitor

LG UltraWide 38WN95C multitasking monitor on a desk

You’ll be well on your way to excellent videoconferences with any of the products on this list. Which of these must-have Zoom meeting gadgets do you think will help you the most? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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