71 Realtor Hashtags To Help You Shine On Social Media


You know how the right neighborhood can sell a house? Realtor hashtags are a little like that. The right hashtags put your posts in front of the right people, categorizing them in the places people are looking.

The better your hashtags, the more visible you’ll become.

In this blog, we’ve got 71 realtor hashtags that will help increase the curb appeal of your social media strategy PLUS our free tool that makes generating hashtags a breeze. After that, you’ll see breakdowns of platform-specific advice for using hashtags to the best of your ability.

What are realtor hashtags?

Realtor hashtags are hashtags (words or phrases preceded by the pound # sign) specific to the real estate industry.

Hashtags can be used to aggregate social media posts like tweets into categories. In practice, hashtags can connect social media content to a specific topic, event, theme, or conversation.

In real estate, these hashtags can help home buyers find new listings, realtors to network, and for realtors to connect with potential clients.

Here are a few brief pointers on how hashtags work:

  • Always start your hashtags with # and do not include spaces, punctuation, or symbols.
  • The public can’t see hashtags from private accounts. Double-check that your account settings are public.
  • Hashtags generally should be short and sweet.
  • Popular hashtags that other people will search for will be most likely to be seen.
  • Specific hashtags that fit your niche are also a good strategy. If you’re trying to expand your reach, don’t create brand new hashtags.
  • Limit the number of hashtags you use, since too many hashtags make you look like a spam account. On Instagram, that means no more than 3-5 hashtags per post. For Twitter, stick to 2 at most.

Hashtag generator: free tool

Peruse the full list of real estate hashtags below, or use this free tool to get AI-generated hashtag suggestions in 5 languages.

Please note: This tool may display inaccurate or offensive material that doesn’t represent Hootsuite’s views. You’re solely responsible for use of any content generated using this tool, including its compliance with applicable laws and third party rights.

20 best general real estate hashtags

In the world of real estate marketing, hashtags are a powerful tool to build your brand and attract potential clients.

You’re going to want a mix of specific and general hashtags in your reservoir. If you rely completely on generic hashtags, you risk losing your posts in a sea of content. Be sure to pair these hashtags with ones your niche audience is interested in.

Here are 20 effective yet general real estate hashtags you can save for future use.

  1. #architecture
  2. #broker
  3. #firsttimehomebuyer
  4. #fixandflip
  5. #foreclosure
  6. #FSBO
  7. #homesweethome
  8. #interiordesign
  9. #investment
  10. #luxuryhomes
  11. #luxuryrealestate
  12. #makememove
  13. #mansion
  14. #openhouse
  15. #properties
  16. #realestate
  17. #realestateagent
  18. #realestateinvestor
  19. #realtor
  20. #realtorlife

20 listing hashtags for realtors

People shop for homes both on real estate websites and through social media. For beautiful listings that come across your desk, you’re going to want to back them up with a social post. Be sure to pair your post with the right hashtags!

Prospective buyers search social channels using hashtags, so make sure yours are on point when listing a new property. Peruse the 20 below!

  1. #apartmenthunting
  2. #curbappeal
  3. #dreamhome
  4. #forrent
  5. #forsale
  6. #home
  7. #homesforsale
  8. #househunting
  9. #justlisted
  10. #justlisted + city
  11. #justsold
  12. #midcenturymodern
  13. #newhome
  14. #newlisting
  15. #petfriendly
  16. #property
  17. #realestateforsale
  18. #renovated
  19. #turnofthecentury
  20. #victorian

20 popular real estate hashtags for buyers

The work of finding and gaining real estate leads takes up a huge chunk of most realtors’ time. With the right hashtags, you can help turn your social media channels into lead gen tools.

Here are 20 popular real estate agent hashtags for buyers!

  1. #bringmebuyers
  2. #bringyourbuyers
  3. #buyeragent
  4. #buyersagent
  5. #buyerwishlist
  6. #dreamhome
  7. #findahome
  8. #forsale
  9. #homebuyer
  10. #homeforsale
  11. #homeownership
  12. #homesforsale
  13. #homesweethome
  14. #househunter
  15. #makeahouseahome
  16. #newhome
  17. #realestatebuyers
  18. #realestateinvesting
  19. #relocation
  20. #virtualtour

Take a virtual walkthrough of this beautiful property and imagine yourself living here 🏠❤️ #fyp #viral #RealEstate #realestateinvesting #virtualtour #toronto #torontorealestate #mississauga #10x #foryoupage

♬ Baller – Shubh & Ikky

11 real estate hashtags to build your brand

Using popular hashtags like #realestate or #homeforsale can help you reach a wider audience, but creating your own branded hashtags can elevate your business even further.

By using hashtags that reflect your tagline, team name, or other unique aspects of your brand, you can showcase your personality and expertise in your niche. Branded hashtags can also help to build a following online.

Here are a few popular formulas you can use to create your own — and remember, swap in your info wherever we say “YourName” or “YourCity.”

  1. #YourTagline
  2. #YourTeamName
  3. #YourNameRealtor
  4. #YourCityRealEstate
  5. #YourBrokerage
  6. #RealEstateExpert
  7. #ReferralsForYourName
  8. #YourPersonalBrand
  9. #YourCityExpertRealtor
  10. #YourCityBrokerageYourName
  11. #YourNameTagline

If you want to become a real estate agent remember practice makes perfect 💰✨ #realestate #realestateagent #money #millionaire #tatlondono

♬ Sahara – Hensonn

Hashtag best practices for real estate

When it comes to hashtag best practices, it’s important to follow popular conventions so you don’t throw your audience off. For example, you never want to overdo it. It can be tempting to fill up your caption with dozens of tags, but it’s going to feel spammy for your audience to read.

Also, try to include a few hashtags specific to your niche. As we mentioned above, if you simply rely on generic hashtags, your posts will be set adrift into the ocean of content trying to compete for attention.

For example, hashtags like #realestate and #homesforsale are pretty broad. While they cast a wide net, you’ll also want to pair them with specific tags designed to capture your target audience. Try using hashtags like #luxuryhomes or #tinycondoforsale, which can help you reach your target audience through specificity.

When it comes to platform-specific tips, it’s important to keep in mind how hashtags work on each channel. Below, we’ve broken down best practices and tips and tricks for the most popular social media platforms.


Fun fact: Hashtags actually originated on Twitter as a way to aggregate tweets.

Twitter still leans into its hashtag success today and includes it as a determining factor in its algorithm. There are a few simple Do’s when it comes to Twitter hashtags.

Do use them consistently. Twitter reports that brands who use hashtags to connect on Twitter see “lifts all across the marketing funnel, such as +18% message association, +8% brand awareness, and +3% purchase intent.”

Do use capitalization to make them easier to read. This is especially true if a #HashtagIsMoreThanOneWord. Oh, and don’t make your hashtags too long. Two words are ideal; three are likely the max. And be sure you see your hashtag in lowercase, too, so you can avoid any embarrassing mistakes, like #susanalbumparty.

Do pair up. Working with a partner or an influencer can expand the reach of your hashtag. Find someone who will complement your brand and see if they want to join forces for an online campaign. Combining your names can be a fun hashtag (like #brangelina).

Do use branded hashtags. Twitter has an ad feature that lets brands add a visual element whenever their branded hashtag is used across Twitter. Apparently, this can increase ad attention by ~10%.

Do your research. You can find trending hashtags on the left of the screen, in the What’s happening sidebar on desktop, or in the search tab on mobile.

What’s happening search tab on Twitter mobile

And if you click Show More, you’ll be shown a wider berth of trending topics.

Show More news sports and entertainment

Source: Twitter

Within these trending topics, you’ll see trending hashtags. If you see a topic relevant to your brand, you can jump into the conversation. Doing so will increase your visibility and potentially net you new followers.

The trending topics are chosen based on global and regional trends, your interests, and the Twitter algorithm. Just be sure that you’re jumping into a conversation that’s relevant to your brand and not hopping onto a topic for the sake of being seen. Twitter users can be ruthless in calling out interlopers.


Using realtor hashtags for Instagram should already be a part of your social strategy. When deciding which to use, be sure to do your research, including both qualitative and quantitative.

Wait, what are those? You may be wondering. Well…

Quantitative research is the number of times that hashtag has been used. This number shows up when you search it and can be telling about the popularity of the hashtag. Remember, higher numbers aren’t always better. Don’t forget about the importance of niche hashtags.

Qualitative research can help you discover useful hashtags. Look at the hashtags your ideal audience is using, the ones your direct competitors are using, and monitor those pages like a hawk. You can, of course, use Hootsuite to do this groundwork for you.

Watch this Hootsuite Labs video for the full breakdown of Instagram hashtags, including what happens if you use a banned hashtag.

If you want to up your Instagram Reel game, be sure to source some hashtags specifically for your Reels.


While LinkedIn may not be the first platform that pops into your mind when you think of selling houses, it should be an important part of your networking strategy. As you well know, so much of success as a realtor depends on your connections. Use this platform to develop and nurture relationships.

To do so, make sure your LinkedIn hashtag game is strong. You’ll want to take advantage of relevant trending LinkedIn hashtags, research what your target audience is searching for, and track your LinkedIn hashtag analytics.

Take a page out of Hootsuite Labs’ LinkedIn-hashtag-textbook below for some helpful pointers.


TikTok trends seem to rise and fall with abandon. Be sure to keep your eye on the Discover page to see which real estate hashtags are trending, and use those to inform yours.


#kaizencustomhomes 📍Utah #paradeofhomes #hometour #customhomes #newconstruction #homedecorideas #interiordesign #housetour #roomtour #customhouse #construction #paradehome #luxuryhomes #bathroomdecor

♬ Paper Birds (3 min) – Jordan Halpern Schwartz

Beyond the Discover page, dive into the hashtags your ideal audience is using and make a list of the best hashtags for realtors. Then, you can use those tags to insert yourself into their conversation. Be sure to focus on popular real estate hashtags within the specific community you want to target.

Need more TikTok Hashtag inspiration? We got you.


YouTube might not be the first platform that comes to mind when thinking about hashtags, but they’re still relevant here. Hashtags can help with your YouTube SEO when used right.

Realtors have long been using YouTube to showcase off properties. But they don’t always consider using real estate hashtags on the platform. This can make for lower competition for your own, so be sure to include them in your videos.

You can use hashtags in your titles and descriptions; YouTube will hyperlink them to categories containing the same keywords. Oddly enough, if you don’t include hashtags in your title, the first three you include in your description will actually show above the title of your video.

Here’s more information on how you can improve your YouTube SEO with other tactics.


Okay, okay. So it’s not a social media platform. But Hootsuite is the best support for your social media platforms. We’ve included it here to call out the hashtag generator.

Hootsuite’s hashtag generator uses AI learning to come up with the best real estate hashtags that will reach your audience, serve your purpose, and be well-received on the platform of your choice. Simply plug in your post, and follow the prompts! Voila!

Real estate agents and brokerages worldwide use Hootsuite to streamline their social marketing efforts, improve their client experience, and ensure compliance with industry regulations. See for yourself why we’re the real estate industry’s leading social media management platform!

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