Apple AirPod becomes Life Threatening for a 7-year-old!


Wouldn’t you be happy if anyone gifts you Apple AirPods? Almost everyone’s answer will be yes and it was the same with a 7-year-old kid Georgia. The kid got the AirPods as Christmas gift from his parents and the boy swallowed one after which his mother has rushed him to an emergency room.

Mother of the kid, Kiara Stroud said that she has never imagined the AirPods will end up in her son’s stomach and also warns other parents about the danger of giving such gifts to the kids. The doctors at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Egelston were clueless about the situation and an X-Ray image of the boy’s stomach has detected the metal parts in the AirPod and confirmed that the boy has swallowed the AirPod.

According to the kid’s mother, he said he was holding it in his mouth by the long part and swallowed it accidentally. She also recounts the emergency room visit, when the Doctor said “An AirPod? That is really unique and he has never heard anything like this.

The Doctors have reassured the family that the AirPod will pass on eventually on its own. Kiara Stroud has also said that she remembers her kid saying, “Mom I don’t want my phone, I don’t wanna be near my phone, I don’t want it to connect to my phone and start playing music. Are you using the Apple AirPods? Are there any kids at your house? Do you think they are safe to be used by kids? Share your views by commenting in the section below and stay tuned to PhoneRadar for more.

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