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Getting enough shut-eye can be difficult when you have trouble relaxing. Fortunately, the Livlab HoomBand audio bedtime headband helps you to fall asleep and stay rested so you awake feeling refreshed. It’s a soft headband that connects to an app to play guided meditations, hypnotic stories, soundscape, white noise, and ASMR when you’re in bed. Therefore, you can drift away while releasing any anxiety and tension. What makes this audio bedtime headband unique is its ventilated, elastic fabric that’s comfortable to wear while you sleep—or you can also use it around the house after a stressful day. And the ultra-flat earphones are ultra thin, so you won’t feel them while you rest your head. Plus, the Bluetooth 5.0 module allows you to read the audio content without cables getting in the way. This is necessary for comfort all night long.

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