How To Make Better FaceTime & Speaker Calls on iPhone, iPad & Mac – Remove Background Noise


Q. I recently upgraded to the latest iPhone, and yet my friends who call me complain about the background noise when speaking. How is it possible that the latest Apple smartphone does not have an additional mic or the required hardware to make sure that the problem gets fixed? Can you help with some solutions that fix this terrible sound problem? Dave

A. Whenever you make a call through Facetime or any other voice app like Whatsapp, you will have experienced something similar to what Dave is facing and the solution is already available on your phone itself. You don’t have to download any third-party applications or visit the Apple service centre because there’s an option directly available on your phone.

This hidden feature helps you fix those fainting sounds where you are generally filling the gaps based on what the other person is speaking, and for this you need to find the option called “Voice Isolation” This option is available under the Control Center that’s accessible by swiping from the top right of your phone, and here you will get the option to select multiple options.

Do make a note that this Voice Isolation feature is available on most iPhones, iPads, and Macs, but not those running on the latest IOS 15 or macOS Monterey. By default, this option is set to Standard, while you need to select Voice Isolation or Wide Spectrum. The Wide Spectrum is more of a hall mode where the other person gets to hear more of the background noise, and this is useful when you specifically want the other person to hear the sound you are experiencing around you. 

Once you tap on the Voice Isolation mode, the device will process all the audio it gets to the other person from your mic and then send a clearer audio signal that would help them get a better experience, and interestingly, this works on both regular and speaker mode. This is definitely a software-based tuning that’s removing a similar background sound, including the sounds from your keyboard and mouse. Overall, an interesting hidden feature that you should give a try and experience. Before you head out, do read our earlier tip on Converting HEIC Photos to PNG & Easier Ways to Clean your iPhone Storage.

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