KeySmart Air keychain and AirTag holder can easily carry your keys and keep them safe » Gadget Flow


Carry your keys without worrying about losing them with the KeySmart Air keychain and AirTag holder. Just like the name suggests, this keychain holder also holds an AirTag so that you can keep a track on the holder. Since the AirTag is in the holder itself, you can track its whereabouts easily from your phone. Additionally, this pocket-friendly holder can carry 5 of your keys plus your car key fob. To make it even more functional, you can also add other KeySmart products to it. These would be things like the MultiTool or the box cutter. In fact, this keychain holder is also durable, thanks to the SmartShield leather. This leather has that rugged leather feel but it can actually last 10x longer than traditional leather.

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