Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Helps You Stay Focused During Meetings


Ever need to jot something down between meetings but only have your laptop? That’s not a problem with the Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Dual-Screen Laptop. The 13-inch laptop features a main screen and an additional 10-inch E Ink display screen on its lid. The responsive E Ink screen is a perfect canvas for taking notes or making sketches as you need to. So if you’ve got a few minutes between meetings or are on your way from one meeting to the next, you can pen your extra thoughts in E Ink. Sync all your work to Microsoft One Note, and the laptop itself has Alexa integrated onboard. Also, you can use the E Ink screen as an e-reader since it’s integrated with the Kindle App. Finally, the ThinkBook Plust display screen automatically displays only essential notifications, helping you stay focused throughout the day.

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