LG WING swiveling screen smartphone makes multitasking so incredibly easy » Gadget Flow


The LG WING swiveling screen smartphone rotates to provide a 6.8″ Full HD POLED display and a 3.9″ OLED display. In swivel mode, you can watch landscape videos and read comments or use another app on the other screen. You can even design one-touch settings to open two apps together, like GPS and music. Scroll through your photo gallery on the bottom screen while viewing large photos on the top—it’s like having two monitors. The bigger screen has a 32 MP popup front camera, and the phone has a 64 MP rear camera with two ultrawide lenses: 12 MP for swivel mode and 13 MP for regular mode. Ready for 5G, this thin, lightweight phone also offers a built-in three-axis stabilizer so you can say goodbye to your gimbal attachment. Weighing only 260 grams, the LG WING underwent stress, durability, and drop tests to ensure its readiness for everyday life.

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