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The Xbox Series S console supports gaming experiences up to 120fps and delivers four times the processing power of an Xbox One device. Compared to the Xbox Series X, this latest console has a higher resolution that doesn’t require a 4K TV for the full experience. In fact, Microsoft uses a hardware scaler to scale up games for 4K. It also features 20 CUs at 1.550Ghz and is targeted to 1440p monitors and TVs, making it accessible. The Xbox Series S includes 10 GB of memory running at 224 Gps. In fact, the console lets you swiftly switch between games and use Quick Resume. This is all thanks to Microsoft’s Xbox Velocity technology. Furthermore, it’ll have an enhanced memory by only loading portions of textures required to render the gaming scene. Finally, it’s also a petite, compact-sized console, making it great for storing next to your TV.

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