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Yep, we know it’s tempting to stay glued to your chair and clock extra hours in front of the screen when you work from home. But these habits don’t enhance productivity, and they’re pretty unhealthy. That’s why today, we’re rounding up our favorite WFH gadgets to keep your health in check. Because, to kill it at work, you have to be healthy.

Working from home is super convenient, but, let’s be honest. When your home is your office, it’s easy to get a little lazy—especially when it comes to your health. But taking care of yourself while you work is important, as your human resources manager would say. So, take their cue and look at these useful WFH gadgets to keep your health in check.

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From an office chair that lets you hold yoga positions while you type to a monitor that minimizes your eyes’ exposure to blue light, these practical WFH gadgets support your health and keep you productive. Let’s have a look at them.

1. An ergonomic office chair lets you fidget, move, stretch, and sit in yoga positions while you work.

You can actually sit actively when you have the HÅG Capisco Chair ergonomic office seat. This WFH gadget to keep your health in check works great with standing or adjustable desks and lets you sit in pretty much any position you like. Backward, sideways, and cross-legged are just a few options.

Get it on the official website for $829.

2. A standing desk converter turns your normal desk into a standing one and gives you a healthy stretch.

Just place the Fully Cora Standing Desk Converter on your desk and adjust it anywhere from 1.3″ to 15.7″ when you want to switch to a standing position. It supports up to 22 pounds, so you can set your laptop and other peripherals right on top. It also folds for easy storage.

Get it from the website for $159.

3. An ergonomic laptop lift raises your computer to just the right height so you avoid sore neck and back muscles.

The Grovemade Ergonomic Laptop Lift keeps your laptop elevated to eye level, which is why it made our list of WFH gadgets to keep your health in check. It improves your body’s position by encouraging direct typing on the keyboard. The natural materials give it a stylish look.

This product costs $120.

4. A standing desk keeps you on your feet to improve your posture and give you more energy.

NextErgo in a video

If you spend most of your day sitting behind a desk, it’s time to upgrade to the NextErgo AI smart standing desk. It comes with cool tech like presence-detection sensors and posture-perfecting features. The system calculates your BMI and suggests daily standing goals. It also works with Google Assistant.

Sign up on the website to get notifications about its Indigogo release and up to $700 off.

5. A monitor that’s easy on the eyes, aka blue-light limiting, lets you chat with your colleagues, work all day, and fall asleep at night.

Dell Video Conferencing Monitor video

The blue light that electronics emit can do a number on your sleep and hurt your eyes. But not the Dell Video Conferencing Monitor series. These cool displays have a Microsoft Teams button to make connecting with your team easier. And, with their ComfortView Plus system, it reduces blue light emissions. It’s a super-useful item on our list of WFH gadgets to keep your health in check.

Get it on the website for $287.99.

6. A wireless, ergonomic mouse ensures those repetitive clicks don’t strain your hand.

Logitech ERGO M575 wireless mouse
Logitech ERGO M575 on a desk

The Logitech ERGO M575 wireless mouse has a comfy, ergonomic design, and it’s another great item on this list of WFH gadgets to keep your health in check. It has a responsive trackball that you move with your thumb, which lets your arm and hand stay relaxed.

Get it on the official website for $49.99.

7. A quiet air purifier lets you concentrate and breathe clean air. It looks pretty nice in your office, too.

Equipped with plenty of smart features, the Mila smart quiet air purifier is one useful WFH gadget. It detects your presence and automatically reduces its volume. And, when you leave, it sets itself to deep clean mode. Choose the filters that you need including dust, odor, pet dander, and more.

Get it on the official website for $349.

8. An iMac stand brings your iMac to the proper height for work because, let’s admit it, Apple fell short on that one.

Another of the best WFH gadgets to keep your health in check is the Twelve South Curve Riser iMac stand. It elevates your iMac, iMac Pro, or another external monitor to a more comfortable height. Plus, the built-in shelf gives you a place to store external hard drives, notebooks, and other office necessities.

Get it on the official website for $79.99.

9. Blue light blocking screen protectors counteract the effects of staring at a screen for 10+ hours a day.

If you spend a good amount of time looking at screens during your workday, check out the EyeJust Blue Light Blocking Screen Protectors. These screen covers block out the blue light from your devices, preventing eye strain, headaches, and even macular degeneration. They’re easy to apply and offer impact protection for your device.

Get it on the official website for $29.99.

10. A vibration therapy device relieves your pain and tension while you work.

The Therabody Wave Solo smart vibration therapy device is a modern take on traditional ball rollers. It offers pinpointed vibration and pressure technology to reduce tension on the areas of the body you target. So, yep, you can totally get a massage while you work from home.

Get it from the official website for $79.

We hope you love the gadgets on this list. Let us know which one of these WFH gadgets to keep your health in check you plan on getting.

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