Native Union Belt Cable Pro laptop charger supports up to 100W for faster charging


It’s time to upgrade to the Native Union Belt Cable Pro laptop charger. Because you know that laptop chargers can quickly break with regular use. Or perhaps your current charger is beginning to fray, tangle, or show signs of aging. Either way, compared to most traditional chargers, this one is unique. Firstly, it’s compatible with most USB-C devices. This makes it highly versatile. Most impressively, this charger supports up to 100W for a fast charge. Consequently, you won’t have to wait around for your laptop to fully power up. Above all, this allows you to continue working without any hiccups. It’s equipped with an LED indicator light to make charging more seamless. With an eight-foot range, this laptop charger will always stay connected. That means you no longer have to reposition yourself.

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