Nomad Card Wallet has thermoformed leather that creates space for cards without stretching » Gadget Flow


Have plenty of space for your cards with the Nomad Card Wallet. It features thermoformed leather, which has been bonded to a layer of reinforcing cloth and molded into shape with intense heat. This allows it to provide plenty of room for your cards without stretching the leather. What’s more, the slim design is super convenient. In fact, this Nomad accessory’s three external slots and one large middle cavity let you store up to 10 cards. Also, two die-cut pockets reduce thickness while the other side has a quick access pocket. That way, you always have your favorite cards within easy reach. Additionally, the vegetable-tanned, US-made Horween leather is durable and develops a rich character over time. Finally, this leather good seamlessly fits Nomad’s Card for AirTag.

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