Oclean Bloom Slim Toothbrush Sanitizing Hub cleans in 30 seconds


The Oclean Bloom Slim Toothbrush Sanitizing Hub is a quick and effective way to keep your everyday bristles clean. In fewer than 30 seconds, this wall-mounted gadget removes bacteria and germs. What’s more, this sanitizing hub holds up to five toothbrushes. It can also clean three brushes simultaneously, helping you save time. The Ocean Bloom Slim uses UV light to kill practically any bacteria and viruses that might be hanging onto your essential hygiene item. Simply place your toothbrush in the unit and switch it on. It’ll then activate the light to keep your bristles nice and clean before and after use. Overall, it’s a great way to enhance your oral hygiene without adding inconvenience to your everyday routine. And everyone in the family can use it.

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