Panasonic Lumix GH7 captures pro-level content


Dive into the world of professional photography with the Panasonic GH7 Mirrorless Camera. Designed for both amateurs and seasoned photographers, this device enhances video and photo quality like none other.


Advanced Sensor Technology: The GH7 features a 25.5M sensor and a 13+ stop dynamic range for capturing vibrant, detailed visuals in any lighting.
Professional Video Production: Experience internal recording of Apple ProRes RAW and the world’s first 32-bit float recording. Expect unmatched clarity and detail in your videos.
Seamless Cloud Compatibility: Utilize the Adobe Camera to Cloud for effortless sharing and managing.
Versatile Framing Options: With Open Gate flexible framing, you can shoot in any potential format.
Enhanced Color Tools: Real-time LUT allows photographers and videographers to load original LUT files, offering new color expressions.


Explore new creative horizons and elevate your visual storytelling with the Panasonic GH7.

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