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Looking for one machine that can provide both cardio and strength? The Peloton Tread running machine is it. Thanks to its built-in display, this treadmill gives you the motivation to keep on running as well as classes to help you break a sweat with your weights. Available in two models—Tread and Tread+—they offer slightly different features. For example, the Tread has a traditional running belt that offers 59 inches of space to run. The Tread+, however, has a shock-absorbing slat belt with 67 inches of running space. What’s more, while the Tread has a 23.8-inch. HD touchscreen, the Tread+has a 32-inch HD touchscreen. Furthermore, the Peloton Tread has front-facing speakers, and the Tread+ has a built-in soundbar. Both models have knobs for speed and incline, and they each give you access to thousands of Peloton classes.

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