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Join the next generation of virtual reality gaming with the Playstation VR2 set. It includes the headset and the Sense Controller. Using Sense technology, they’ll immerse you with the headset vibrations and its 3D audio technology. Not only that, but it also boasts intelligent eye tracking as well as finger touch detection. Plus, it also provides haptic feedback and adaptive triggers through the controller. Crafted with a comfortable design, the controller’s orb shape has a natural feel. Plus, this shape makes sure it tracks your precise motions and gestures. Additionally, use the analog sticks and action buttons to interact with and grip objects in the virtual world. Moreover, it has 4 tracking cameras in the headset that capture all your movements. And its lightweight, balanced Fresnel lens both allows for airflow and reduces potential fogging. Finally, its adjustable headset straps help you find your perfect fit.

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