Review: AniBlock Puzzle Master: The Octonauts multisolution puzzle


Want to buy your child an educational toy that’s also fun? Check out the AniBlock Puzzle Master: The Octonauts. This unique puzzle is based on the popular children’s series and provides over 100 puzzle patterns. Your little one will have a blast trying to solve the multisolution puzzles and bringing their friends to life via the app.

Encourage a lifelong love of learning with the AniBlock Puzzle Master: The Octonauts. This new Octonauts puzzle aims to merge physical toys with digital concepts. If your kids are fans of the beloved Octonauts TV series, this game makes a great gift. It lets your little ones interact with their favorite characters and practice abstract thinking skills simultaneously.

The AniBlock Puzzle Master: The Octonauts is one fun, interactive puzzle. The game includes 16 shaped blocks that kids can construct in various ways. And each puzzle has more than one solution, pushing your kids to think and work beyond one fixed answer. In fact, this clever toy offers more than 100 different puzzle patterns to help your child foster their imagination, concentration, and development. And it works with a tablet so your kids can practice their tech skills. Let’s check it out.

AniBlock Puzzle Master: The Octonauts

Discover 100+ puzzle patterns to help your kids strengthen their imagination

If you thought there was only one way to solve a puzzle, you’d be wrong. This multisolution puzzle comes with over 100 patterns to foster your child’s development and concentration. And, with so many possible combinations, it really gets them beyond the idea that problems have only one possible answer. It’s a big concept, and it’s great that this game introduces it to young children. Besides that, it encourages children to look beyond what’s immediately possible.

Learn together with this creative puzzle

And, since this multisolution puzzle is a physical game, both you and your child can work on it, increasing your social interaction and bonding time. While most digital games and apps for kids are single-player or focus on virtual interaction with others, this educational toy allows you and your child to build a fun puzzle together and solve the included problems as a team. Or your child could choose to include a friend. That way, they involve a peer in the game, which encourages a whole other set of skills.

Strengthen spatial reasoning and logical thinking skills

Kids can work on their spatial reasoning knowledge with this high-tech Octonauts puzzle. That’s because they’ll have to fit appropriate blocks into limited space. Likewise, when they need to fit blocks into guided pictures, they’ll also use their logical thinking skills. So it’s a game that’s sure to sharpen those skills, making both you and your child’s teacher happy.

Build abstract thinking skills

When kids need to think beyond what they can see and find more than one answer to a problem, they’re forced to use their abstract thinking skills. And this is exactly what they’ll be doing when they play with this multisolution Octonauts puzzle. It helps them come up with solutions to challenges that are not directly tied to concrete concepts. So this is a game that can certainly boost those all-important kindergarten-readiness skills.

Improve fine motor skills with these clever blocks

But it’s not just your child’s thinking skills that benefit from this game. When they discover different blocks and try to fit them into place, they exercise the small muscles in their hands, wrists, and fingers. These are the fine motor muscles, and they’re crucial as your child learns how to cut, glue, and write. Best of all, you kids won’t even know that they’re fine-tuning an important skill because they’ll be having so much fun with this multisolution Octonauts puzzle.

Boost concentration with this fun puzzle

What’s more, this multisolution Octonauts puzzle can boost your child’s concentration. When your son or daughter becomes engaged with a task and focuses on its outcome—as they will with this Octonauts puzzle—they become better at paying attention to what they’re doing. In fact, doing puzzles has been proven to strengthen attention span and eliminate distracting thoughts. Parents everywhere can appreciate that.

Have fun with this high-tech puzzle

But the AniBlock Puzzle Master: The Octonauts isn’t just an educational puzzle, it’s also a fun way to spend an afternoon. After your child has completed the puzzle, they can bring it to life by scanning it into the accompanying app. They can then put a fun, expressive face on that shape they just constructed. Or make it fly in a digital sky like a bird.

This multisolution Octonauts puzzle is a great gift for the special child in your life. It strengthens a plethora of skills that makes both parents and teachers happy. And, as for the kids, the puzzles are fun and bring players deeper into the world of the Octonauts. Your kids will play the afternoon away with this fun, educational puzzle. It also makes a great fidget toy for you and is one game you’ll actually enjoy playing with your kids.

The AniBlock Puzzle Master: The Octonauts is currently available for preorder on Kickstarter from $39. What are some of the best toys/games you’ve purchased for your children? There are so many good ones out there. Tell us about your favorites in the comments.

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