The Belkin Devialet Soundform Elite Uses Google Assistant


The Belkin Devialet Soundform Elite Hi-Fi Smart Speaker is more than a way to play music. In fact, there’s an integrated wireless charger on top of it. And it’s not just any wireless charger. In fact, it can even fast charge your iPhone at 7.5 watts, Samsung phone at 9 watts, and Google device at 10 watts. Plus, this wireless charging speaker responds to Google Assistant voice commands, so it’s easy to play, pause, and more from wherever you’re at. Furthermore, you can use this speaker to get your answers to random questions and schedule tasks with Google. Designed in collaboration with Devialet, the Belkin Soundform Elite provides impressive acoustics for a great listening experience. With Speaker Active Matching technology and Push-Push woofers, this compact speaker delivers the beats you love.

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