The German Bionic Apogee+ offers back relief to caregiveers


Tackle the physically demanding aspects of nursing and caregiving with the German Bionic Apogee+ powered exoskeleton. It offers active assistance during lifting and walking. Check it out:


Lifting and Walking Support: Get active assistance during lifting and walking. This gadget gives you up to 66 pounds of back relief per lift. Plus, grips on the product help with lifting and repositioning patients.

Dust and Waterproof: With its IP54 rating, the Apogee+ stays safe during showering or washing patients.

Comfortable Wear: Meanwhile, this gadget is small, slim, and lightweight.

Friendly Design: Featuring softer colors, this robotic exoskeleton has a patient-friendly look.

Disinfects Easily: What’s more, this smart exoskeleton has less surface area where bacteria can proliferate. This also makes it easier to disinfect.

Reporting Features: Also, the reporting functions help caregivers better manage their work environment.


Take care of yourself while caring others with the Apogee+!

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