The Habit-Tracking Kids Watch Develops Healthy Skills


Encourage your children to be healthy from a young age with the Octopus Watch V2 Motion Edition Habit-Tracking Kids Watch. This cute kids smartwatch teaches how to build healthy habits. Not only that, but the Octopus kids watch also tells time, so your child can begin to learn how to do so as well. Suitable for children who are at least three years old, the V2 Octopus watch offers more than 2,000 icons to choose from. Your child will love personalizing their watch by matching icons with times of day. For example, they might choose a school bus to appear at the time they have to go to school. Or they can set their watch to show a plate when it’s time to eat dinner. Finally, with a built-in activity tracker, this watch will help your child stay motivated to run and play all day long.

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