The TCL Alto 9+ Is the Brand’s First Roku-Ready Speaker


The TCL Alto 9 Plus Immersive Soundbar offers something a lot of other speakers don’t: full integration with your Roku TV. This sound bar is “Roku Ready,” meaning you can control it with your Roku remote. So when you add another home media device to your entertainment setup, you don’t have to add another remote. That said, if you don’t have a Roku TV, this TCL sound bar will still work with its own remote. Additionally, this Roku TV Ready soundbar gives you more in-depth controls thanks to its menu. Not only that, but the Alto 9+ also delivers impressive audio throughout your entire space thanks to Ray-Danz technology. You can see that in the design as the soundbar has two curved areas that reflect the sound. Enjoy an easy listening experience with this soundbar.

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