The Top 6 Instagram Reels Editing Apps To Make Better Reels


Are you trying to reel in engagements, paid sponsorships, or click-throughs with your Instagram video content? You might be able to catch fish with a bamboo stick and some string, but it sure helps to have a fancy rod, a shiny new reel, and some tactical bait. If you want to hook your audience, you need the best Instagram Reels editing app.

As fellow social media fishermen, we’ve got your back. Here are six of our favorite Instagram Reels editing apps — and sorry, this reel good joke ends now.

The top 6 Instagram Reels editing apps

If you want to compete with the millions of content creators and businesses out there producing cinematic video content for social media, then you need to be serious about using Reels for business.

Just like your audience, the Reels algorithm loves visually appealing content, so the right editing app can make a big difference when it comes to reaching your target market.

We’ve put together this list of the best apps to help you create high-quality Reels, including the best free apps to make Reels.

1. Instagram’s in-app editor

One of our favorite free Instagram Reels editing apps is…well, Instagram. You can quickly hop onto your IG account on your mobile, whip up a Reel, and then use the in-app video editor to add songs from their audio library, stickers, effects, VR filters, and more. This makes it incredibly efficient to create videos and jump on trends as they happen.

The in-app editor does have some limitations — for example, Instagram can remove your audio if you pull it from its library. But, overall, the biggest draw for the in-app editor is speed and convenience, and it hits both of those marks dead on.

create Reels and add stickers on Instagram in-app editor

Key features

  • Extensive audio library
  • Templated Reels
  • Tons of free stickers and effects
  • Convenience and speed

Price: Free!

Who it’s best for: Content creators on the go.

2. Canva

Canva, the photo and video app beloved by non-designers, is one of the easiest pieces of editing software to operate. This is why it’s consistently touted as one of the best Reel editing apps out there.

You can use Canva to add images, graphics, and text to your video. With it, you can easily brand your content and add any accouterments to help tell your story.

Canva has an intuitive drag-and-drop system designed for use by all skill levels. The templates, some of which are free to use, make it a snap to produce professional-grade videos.

Plus, Canva’s Magic Beat Sync feature automatically matches your footage to the rhythm of your background music. And, as Reel experts will tell you, matching your video to the music is key.

Canva travel template with backdrop of white buildings and blue sky

Source: Canva

Key features:

  • Magic Beat Sync
  • Free icons and graphics
  • Free templates
  • Hootsuite integration
  • Drag and drop design

Price: Free! (Paid plans available)

Who it’s best for: Content creators without a design background.

3. CapCut

CapCut stands out as a short-form video editing app. The app is free, let’s you get started immediately due to its intuitive interface, and has everything you need to create stunning Reels.

Within CapCut, you can trim and merge clips, and embellish your videos with sound effects, personalized fonts, and expressive stickers. The best part? This exceptional little app is at your disposal for free.

CapCut short-form video editing scream poster

Source: CapCut

Key features:

  • Trim, cut, split, or merge your videos frame-by-frame
  • An extensive library of free and paid music and backing tracks
  • Pre-set text editing templates
  • Chroma Key, AKA an online green-screen

Price: Free with in-app purchasing options

Who it’s best for: While CapCut is popular among TikTok creators, many Instagram content creators and YouTube content creators use the app too.

4. Adobe Rush

One of the most popular Instagram Reels editing apps is Adobe Rush. This puppy’s great for folks creating more videos than just Reels due to its creative flexibility. It has tons of video-editing features that transfer across all devices, so whether you’re sitting at your desktop or you’ve got your phone in hand, you can make the edits you need to.

Within Rush, you can add transitions, customize titles, enhance colors, add audio, and adjust the pace of your video. Beyond the basics, Rush allows you to create transitionary graphics and animated titles, and easily export videos in HD quality with one click.

Adobe Rush customized title express yourself

Source: Adobe Rush

Key features:

  • Easy editing capabilities with drag-and-drop. You don’t have to be a designer to use Adobe Rush.
  • Customizable Motion Graphic templates you can use to add a professional flair to your Reels.
  • A built-in sound library full of royalty-free audio and audio tools like sound balancing, noise reduction, and auto-ducking.
  • One-click share to social without leaving the app. You can add a thumbnail, schedule your post, and publish to multiple social platforms in one click.

Price: $9.99/month with the Adobe Creative Express plan, which also gives you access to Photoshop Express, Adobe Spark Video, and other tools.

Who it’s best for: Content creators of all skill levels.

5. Adobe Express

Adobe Express is your ticket to editing on the fly. It’s not quite as muscular as Adobe Premiere Rush — Express is more like a trusty sidekick. The Robin to Rush’s Batman, if you will.

You’ll benefit from preloaded templates and themes, the ease of drag-and-drop, and video resizing tools to create personalized mini-masterpieces. Plus, adding text, animation, and stickers is easy.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express don't forget to rest template. Adobe Creative Cloud offers several tools that can be used as Instagram Reels editing apps

Source: Adobe Express

Key features:

  • Templates and Adobe stock photography you can pull from
  • Different fonts to match your Reel’s vibe
  • Easy to use on the go for quick fixes, trims and crops, merges, and edits

Price: $9.99/month with the Adobe Creative Express plan, which also gives you access to Photoshop Express, Adobe Spark Video, and other tools.

Who it’s best for: Content creators on the go.

6. KineMaster

If you’re looking for a polished, professional aesthetic, KineMaster might be for you. This app allows you to record voice-overs, something Instagram has yet to enable.

Google Drive is integrated into KineMaster, making it easy to download assets from Google Drive to use with KineMaster. The animations and transitions are professional-grade and the app features high-quality exports.

One thing to note, you do need to buy a premium subscription to get the best of KineMaster. The free version works well, but the premium version is much, much better.

KineMaster app voiceovers and editing. Kinemaster is one of our favorite paid Instagram reels editing apps.

Source: KineMaster

Key features:

  • Video templates
  • Cloud storage allows for easy video sharing between devices
  • Voice-overs
  • Chroma Key, AKA an online green screen
  • Transparent backgrounds
  • Audio editing like pitch control, volume envelope adjustments, reverberation, and voice modulation
  • Magic remover to erase backgrounds or objects

Price: Free with watermarks, or subscriptions start at $4.99/month or $39.99/year

Who it’s best for: Content creators in need of advanced features.

Whichever tool you decide to use, be sure you know how to best edit your Reels for Instagram’s algorithm and the tricky Instagram Reels hacks to up your game. Oh, and if you’re just starting out, brush up on your knowledge of how to make covers for Instagram Reels and the ideal Reel size.

Looking for more Instagram-specific tips? Here are some of the best Instagram apps to use to grow your business and some apps to get your Instagram Stories on point!

FAQs about Instagram Reels editing apps

Which app is best for editing Insta Reels?

The best app to make Reels depends on what you’re looking for.

Do you need something quick and easy for on-the-go? Then Adobe Rush might be the answer. If you want to do all of your work within Hootsuite, then Canva could be for you. Peruse the apps listed above; there’s something for everyone.

How can I edit Instagram Reels?

You can edit Instagram Reels within the app itself or by using a third-party app like one listed above.

What do influencers use to edit their Reels?

It depends on the influencer! You’ll likely get different answers on what’s the best Instagram Reel editor depending on which influencer you ask. That being said, Canva and Adobe are among the most popular choices.

Is there an app that will make Reels for you?

Yes, you can use AI software to generate Reels for you. You’ll still want to review and edit the results, but if you’re short on time, AI can be a valuable tool.

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