The Top Facebook Updates You Need to Know: July 2020


“The only constant is change,” Greek philosopher Heraclitus has famously said. We can’t prove it, but we’re pretty sure he was talking about Facebook updates.

Sometimes its changes delight (see: the introduction of Messenger). Sometimes they cause mass outrage (see: literally any time the interface is redesigned). But one thing’s for sure: Facebook never rests on its laurels.

There’s always something new in the works, which is to say there are always new opportunities for your brand to get ahead of its competitors.

It’s why we’ll be keeping this page updated regularly, spotlighting the most important Facebook updates each month. Be sure to check back often (and maybe even bookmark this page?).

Top Facebook updates you need to know in 2020

July 2020 Facebook updates

Taking action with anti-hate measures

Responding to feedback from the civil rights community, Facebook is making changes to policy and communications to reflect more transparent—and hopefully more just—systems.

As part of this, Facebook has participated in a civil rights audit and released a Diversity Report.

They’ve also expanded their voter suppression policies so that any ads interfering or intimidating voters will be prohibited, and launched a robust census interference policy.

Facebook also is promising to go “above and beyond” existing hate speech protections with more specific anti-hate ad bans.

Check out the full scope of Facebook’s ongoing anti-hate measures here.

Expanded markets for Instagram Shop and Facebook Pay launch

On the heels of May’s Facebook Shops launch, businesses in supported markets (check out the full list here) can now sell products directly through Instagram with Instagram Shop.

Integrate your pre-existing e-commerce platform, or create a catalog within Facebook Business Manager. Once you’ve got your products connected to your Insta account, submit your shop for review and await the thumbs up.

When you’ve enabled the shopping feature, you can use Shopping Tags or stickers to spotlight your goods in your feed or Stories. Let the shopping sprees begin.

Find full details on setting up your shop here.

Facebook and Instagram Shop update

Source: Facebook

New emoji upgrades in Messenger

In honor of World Emoji Day (July 17), Messenger gave its default sticker pack (Moodies) a makeover.

The little faces you know and love—the cool one, the barfing one, the whole gang—have a sleek new look and bubbly animated flourishes.

Is it a big update? No. But it’s a cute one.

New emoji upgrades in Facebook Messenger

Source: Facebook

App Lock for Facebook Messenger

To keep your group chats safe and secure, Facebook is rolling out the option to add another layer of security with fingerprint or face authentication via App Lock.

Even when your phone itself is unlocked, when App Lock is on, Messenger appears illegible—with sort of a frosty overlay—until you use your face or fingerprint to unlock.

This offers a level of confidence that when your brother is scrolling through your phone to pick a sweet road trip song, he won’t get a glimpse of the messages your sister sent you complaining about him.

It’s a feature that’s available now for iOS users and should be coming to Android this fall.

App Lock for Facebook Messenger

Source: Facebook

Screen sharing now available in Messenger mobile app

In a time of social distancing, we’ve never been more grateful for technology to keep us closer—and with so many video chat apps available at our fingertips right now, everyone is racing to offer the best ways to connect.

It’s why Facebook has just added a “Share Your Screen” option to its Messenger mobile and web apps.

Now, formally side-by-side activities can be translated to the screen as you keep chatting. Browse an online store together, scroll through recipe options, or look back on travel photos from those glory days when we could, you know, leave the house.

Screen sharing is available with the latest update of the app.

Facebook messenger Share Your Screen update

Source: Facebook

Choose your layout for posts with multiple images

Next time you upload a batch of photos, you might be given the option to choose their layout, as Facebook slowly rolls out new photo post options.

The platform has been testing this visual tool since October, but it looks like this new composer functionality is being unrolled en masse at this point.

That being said, it doesn’t appear to have popped up for Pages users (yet!), so you might have to save your layout creativity for your personal account for now.

Create custom audiences out of interested or previous customers

In Facebook’s Ad Manager, you can now target ads specifically to people who have perused or shopped your products.

Click on the “Custom Audience” option and you’ll now see a “Shopping” category. Under this, you’ll find people who viewed your products, people who added products to their basket, or people who made a purchase.

With this info in hand, you can target the audience of shoppers who are most likely to follow through or return to your page and ramp up that engagement.

Facebook Update targeted ads to custom audiences

Source: Facebook

Make live-broadcast video calls with up to 50 participants

Got a group video call you want the world to see? Facebook’s on the case. By combining its Messenger Rooms video chat capabilities with its live stream services, users can now broadcast video calls with up to 50 participants.

Think of it as a combo of video chats and live streams, and it’s clear the possibilities for a brand are pretty intriguing. It could mean interesting opportunities for TV show reunions, networking, live interactive tutorials or courses, and beyond.

These calls can be broadcast from an individual profile, on a Facebook Page, or within a Group. The creator of the call can admit or block participants, or lock calls all together.

Zoom’s already shaking in its boots: when Messenger Rooms was launched in April, stocks fell by 5%, so who knows what this expanded capability might do to the video conferencing brand.

Facebook updates Messenger Rooms and live stream services

Source: Facebook

June 2020 Facebook updates

Financial support for gamers

In an attempt to lure gamers over from Twitch and Youtube, Facebook is expanding its streaming subscription options.

Fans can now support gamers with tips and donations as they live stream, and gamers can access in-stream ad breaks as well. These ads can be pre-roll, mid-roll, or an image below the stream.

Any streamers who see at least 250 regular weekly viewers will be able to register with the Level Up program to access these features (and the sweet paydays that come with them).

Learn more about these fan subscriptions and Level Up here.

Facebook updates fan subscriptions financial support for games

Source: Facebook

Facebook Collections are now sharable (in the U.S., at least)

The Collections feature on Facebook allows users to archive links, photos, pages, and posts for accessing later. This month, Facebook announced a new sharing functionality that allows those lists to be made public… which might just offer some interesting opportunities for business partnerships. (Though unfortunately, it’s a feature that’s only available in the U.S. market right now.)

Look out, Pinterest. Influencers could build sponsored lists to share with followers (”My Favourite Mexico City Restaurants”) or companies could share on-brand content (like “Best Cocktail Recipes” for a vodka company).

Maybe our first list should be a list of how handy lists will be?

Privacy setting makes CCPA compliance much easier

Any business selling to California-based customers is probably already aware of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CPPA), which grants residents the right to control their personal data.

Facebook’s new “Limited Data Use” feature makes compliance with the CPPA fairly easy. Enabling this feature allows businesses sending data to Facebook to limit how Facebook actually uses that data.

Once it’s applied, Facebook will technically act as a business’s service provider while processing information about California customers, keeping in line with the state’s unique privacy laws—and keeping both your business and consumer data safe.

New email marketing tools now available for small businesses

A small number of small businesses are testing out Facebook’s new email marketing tools.

If you’re one of the lucky few plucked from obscurity to be an FB guinea pig, you’ll be able to send group emails and track performance, all within the Facebook platform.

Upload subscribers’ contact information (with permission, of course) and then tweak your audience demographics and customize your design.

If the test runs prove to be helpful to businesses, we might see the option rolled out further… but with so many other marketing email solutions out there, it’s not certain this tool will stand the test of time.

Facebook to warn if an article is over 90 days old

In another attempt to combat fake or out-of-date news, Facebook has announced a new pop-up feature to alert users if a story is over three months old.

The goal is to highlight the timeliness (or rather, the lack thereof) of news sources to try to tamp down on out-of-context stories that might muddy the understanding of current events.

The context button Facebook added in 2018 might not have done much to quell the spread of hoaxes, but here’s hoping this addition has an impact.

Facebook updates three month old article warning

Source: Facebook

May 2020 Facebook updates

Facebook launches mobile-friendly native shops

This may not be the first swing Facebook has made at in-platform shopping, but Facebook Shops is definitely the best yet.

Like previous iterations, you can upload product pictures and descriptions into your digital boutique, but now users can convert and checkout right in the app.

With Facebook Shops, you’ll be able to chat with customers via WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram Direct messaging to offer support or personal shopping guidance.

Plus, businesses can customize the look of e-shops with on-brand fonts and colors. Fancy!

Facebook updates mobile-friendly Shops

Source: Facebook

Group chat app “CatchUp” launches for group calls

In a time where staying connected is tougher than ever, CatchUp aims to help bridge the distance. Think of it as a voice-only version of Messenger Rooms, facilitating one-on-one or group calls up to eight people.

Unlike other group chat apps, CatchUp flags when users are available and “Ready to Talk” (similar to HouseParty). It’s an attempt to overcome people’s key hesitation with the old-fashioned phone call: you don’t want to interrupt.

Facebook will be testing the app in the U.S. for a limited time. We’ll have to see if it sticks around.

Facebook ChatUp voice-only version of Messenger Rooms

Source: Facebook

April 2020 Facebook updates

Ads Manager status tool introduced to track outages

With the addition of a new ads status page, ad buyers can track if the platform itself is experiencing any issues.

Here, any major changes to the key tracking metrics will be reported as well (from impressions to amount spent to reach) so you can be in the loop about every little tweak.

Facebook Ads Manager status tool update

Source: Facebook

The ad reporting tool gets an update, too

Facebook announced updates to a variety of ad reporting tools—all the better for brands to measure campaign performance.

Access cross-account reporting, custom metrics and conversion paths to see just how your campaign is doing in graphic detail like never before.

Facebook ad reporting tool update

Source: Facebook

Messenger comes to the desktop

If chatting in the browser or mobile app aren’t convenient options for you, the new Facebook Messenger desktop app will allow for group chats and videos right on your computer desktop—no Facebook account is even required.

Download it here.

Facebook Messenger desktop app

Source: Facebook

“Quiet Mode” introduced

The recent roll out of Quiet Mode on both browser and mobile allows the option to silence all notifications in one fell swoop, similar to iOS’s “Do Not Disturb” functionality.

Keep the dings and pings to a minimum so you can actually get some work done.

Improved accessibility for live streaming

While video live streams have certainly been popular on Facebook, the real-time broadcasting format did create a barrier for entry to those who rely on screen readers or have an auditory disability.

To combat this problem, Facebook announced the release of a new audio-only live mode with the option for automatic captioned.

Automatic captions aren’t always perfect, but it’s better than nothing, and hopefully will allow hearing-impared users to follow along with your content.

March 2020 Facebook updates

New Facebook rolls out worldwide

While the new Facebook redesign—the fifth major one in the platform’s history—rolled out to mobile users in late 2019, we’re finally getting a chance to see it on desktops this month.

There are big aesthetic changes here: the modern layout is a cleaner, more minimalist design, and features the ability to switch between all-white and dark mode.

The interface gets a makeover with this redesign as well, favoring activities from Groups and Events over News Feed content. The Groups Tab has also been redesigned to make it easier to find new groups to join.

Additional features will benefit specific communities: a new Chat option for gaming groups, for example, or improved interactions with Facebook Live.

To get the New Facebook design on your desktop, just select “Switch to New Facebook” from the Settings drop-down menu. And if you don’t already have it on mobile, just update your app.

New Facebook design on desktop

Source: Facebook

COVID-19 delays ad review

An announcement this month from Facebook revealed that reduced staffing and changes to the moderation process might create errors or delays in the review process for ads.

The platform also has banned any advertising or e-commerce product posts that attempt to use fear of the virus to drive sales. No magic cures for sale here.

Along with discouraging ad campaigns, Facebook is also testing out tools to reduce the spread of misinformation about COVID-19 on WhatsApp and Messenger. If a rumor about a miracle drug pops up in your chat, you’ll also be prompted to fact-check and confirm your sources.

New “Mood” frames come to Facebook Stories

Rep those feelings with the new Mood feature on FB Stories, which harnesses the power of GIFs for self-expression.

Change the frame and background color to further personalize what Michelle eating her bodyweight in spaghetti on Full House really means to you.

Facebook Stories Mood frames feature

Source: Facebook app screenshot

Express yourself with customized avatar stickers

Following in the footsteps of their Bitmoji forefathers, Facebook is now introducing personalized humanoid stickers for use in comments, Messenger, Stories and posts.

Options to customize hairstyles, outfits, skin tones and accessories offer a wide range of representation, from headscarf to side-buzz.

Here’s how to make yours on the Facebook mobile app:

  • Tap the three line menu
  • Scroll down and select “See More”
  • Choose “Avatar” and follow the prompts

Facebook customized avatar stickers

Source: Facebook app screenshot

Convert photos into 3D images

Any 2D picture can be transformed into a 3D masterpiece with Facebook’s latest photo tool. The technology simulates depth within a regular photo to allow users to “tilt,” much like a 360-degree image.

It’s an opportunity to make a boring old product photo pop, and grab attention on the newsfeed—no 3D glasses required!

Facebook 3D images photo tool

Source: Facebook

February 2020 Facebook updates

Facebook’s “Clear History” tool now available globally

It’s been in test markets for a while, but the Clear History option is now available to Facebook users worldwide. When prompted to do a Privacy Check-Up, you’ll have the opportunity to clear your entire off-Facebook activity.

This is finally a chance to see all of the data Facebook has stored and tracked regarding your other internet activity, and delete it from their servers if you so choose.

Facebook Clear History option available worldwide

Source: Facebook

“One Time Notification” API available for Facebook Messenger

To protect Facebook users from spam, Businesses Pages are only given 24 hours to respond to messages. Messaging individuals outside of that isn’t allowed (unless you’re using ad campaigns).

But a new One Time Notification API is the exception to the rule. Users can opt in to enable one-off notifications via Messenger for relevant news—for example, product availability or being notified about a future sale.

Facebook Messenger One Time Notification API update

Source: Facebook

Facebook teams up with Reuters for expanded fact-checking services

In an effort to curb misinformation and propaganda that has run rampantly on the social media site the past few years, Facebook is partnering with Reuters for expanded fact-checking efforts.

The news organization will help Facebook detect and correct false stories as they’re posted so that users can more easily identify biased or fake sources.

Learn more about Facebook’s third-party fact-checking program here.

Facebook and Reuters partnership fact-checking service

Source: Facebook

Creator Studio mobile app released

The mobile tool is designed to help manage Pages on the go, offering the same features as the browser-supported Creator Studio in an app format.

Via a simplified mobile dashboard, users can upload and publish content, and engage with audiences.

You’ve got the option to check your insights and analytics on the go with this new tool, too.

Download for Android here or iOS.

Creator Studio mobile app release
Source: Google Play store

January 2020 Facebook updates

Political ad policy update

The amount of politics and social issues popping up on Facebook and Instagram can frankly get exhausting, and Facebook obviously knows this, because they’ve recently added a control to the Ad Preferences settings so users can opt to see fewer ads with political content.

Page Management History now available

For Pages that are managed by multiple people, the new Page Management History tool may be helpful.

It’s a brand new feature that shows every action ever made on your Page, who made them, and when… perfect for tracing back both errors or smart moves to the source.

Here’s how to view it.

Facebook updates Page Management History feature
Source: Facebook

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