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You want to keep yourself protected in public. But reusable PPE can drastically increase your laundry =, which is both a pain and tough on the environment (not to mention your water and energy bills). That’s why we’re presenting you with a unique pair of protective gloves. They self-clean in just two hours and you can use them with touchscreens.

One of the biggest hangups about reusable PPE is that you have to wash it—every day. And for a good reason. Those masks and gloves come into contact with microbes that we don’t want anywhere near our mucous membranes. But the laundry is still a pain, and not so great for the environment. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to är Gloves Protective Self-Cleaning Gloves. These unique gloves don’t require much washing and boast a treatment that lets them self-clean after two hours. I don’t know about you, but I’m all for anything that can fast track my weekly chores.

är Gloves are soft, lightweight gloves that are designed for daily use. So much so that you can even wear them while you use your smartphone. These self-cleaning gloves come with the är Doypack, which are sealable bags designed to keep light, dust, water, air, and odors away from your gloves. Currently, är Gloves come in gray and black color options with either a white or neon pink logo. So you can definitely customize these accessories to match your style. Now, let’s have a look at how these gloves work.

How do these protective gloves self-clean?

är gloves get treated with ViralOff®, a self-cleaning treatment technology from the Swedish company Polygiene®. Applied to textiles like gloves and face masks, ViralOff has been certified by ISO 18184:2019 and ATCC VR-1679 (H3N2) tests. The treatment’s active ingredient is a biocide, or a chemical substance intended to render a harmful organism, well, harmless. In this case, it’s a biocide based on the reaction mass of titanium dioxide and silver chloride.

To let the biocide do its work, just place the är Gloves in the är Doypack. They will self-clean in two hours. It’s that easy.

är Gloves Protective Self-Cleaning Gloves

är Gloves Protective Self-Cleaning Gloves on a Person Shopping for Vegetables

What is the Eco Acqua Zero ™ treatment?

These self-cleaning gloves also get treated with Eco Acqua Zero ™, a fluorine-free water repellent technology. Using hyper-branched polymers, this treatment makes the gloves water repellent while only having a low impact on the fabric’s breathability. The treatment also prevents moisture from building up inside the gloves and takes it to the surface to evaporate. It sounds like a pretty useful gadget if you ask me. No-one wants sweat building up in their protective gloves.

är Gloves Protective Self-Cleaning Gloves

är Gloves Protective Self-Cleaning Gloves on a Person Putting Gas into a Car

Can you use your smartphone with these reusable gloves?

Yes. Protective gear isn’t all that helpful if you have to keep taking it off to use your phone. And the makers of är Gloves understand. That’s why they’ve made these self-cleaning gloves touchscreen-friendly so you can wear them and use your phone or your tablet as usual. Catch up on Instagram, scroll through the headlines, and answer emails wherever you are while wearing these self-cleaning gloves.

är Gloves Protective Self-Cleaning Gloves

är Gloves Protective Self-Cleaning Gloves on a Person Opening a Car Door

Where can you wear these hygienic gloves?

According to the company’s Kickstarter page, you can wear är Gloves any time you go out in public. These protective gloves are designed to give wearers a protective yet stylish accessory that fits with a modern lifestyle. So they are excellent for wearing on public transport, withdrawing money from ATMs, commuting on share-scooters, putting gas in the car, shopping, and so much more. Anytime you need to touch a surface that potentially thousands of others have touched, you can (and probably should) wear these gloves.

är Gloves Protective Self-Cleaning Gloves

är Gloves Protective Self-Cleaning Gloves on a Person Riding an eScooter

Are these gloves eco-friendly?

är Gloves are reusable. This means that they won’t contribute to plastic pollution caused by the build-up of single-use plastic in landfills and the seas. So by choosing a pair of gloves that you can wear over and over again, you’ll know that you’re doing your part to cut down on our sudden boom in the daily use of single-wear plastic. You’ll also cut down on pollution from dirty laundry water since you won’t be washing your PPE as much.

är Gloves Protective Self-Cleaning Gloves

är Gloves Protective Self-Cleaning Gloves on a Person Using a Smartphone

These self-cleaning gloves are a great product to add to your EDC kit at the end of 2020. They look stylish, feel comfortable, let you live your modern life, and are easy to care for. There aren’t too many other boxes they could check on the list of ideal PPE. All in all, this is an excellent product that would also make a wonderful, healthy gift for your busy family member or friend.

är Gloves Protective Self-Cleaning Gloves cost $19, and you can preorder them on their Indiegogo page. Have a look at the campaign to see how you can help bring this product to life.

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