This Acer Enduro T1 Tablet Uses Shock-Absorbent Materials


The Acer Enduro T1 Rugged Windows Tablet has a waterproof touchscreen that provides protection against moisture. To withstand drops and damage, this rugged Windows tablet is certified to meet IP54 standards. As a result, it’s durable and ideal for use when working outdoors. In fact, many labor workers will appreciate how easy it is to navigate the screen even when wearing gloves. This laptop continues to operate and perform well in a variety of conditions. For example, it’s fully functional in temperatures ranging from -32° C to 49° C. Also, you can drop it from a distance up to 122 centimeters without any detrimental effect. It’s even compatible with vibrations tested at 7.7 gs per axis. All the while, it delivers sharp and crisp images so you can do your job better. All of these features make the Enduro T1 extremely rugged and suitable for many environments.

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