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When it comes to choosing a watch, a traditional look always makes sense. You want such an expensive accessory to look good, no matter what you wear it with. But a classic timepiece doesn’t have to be old-fashioned. These watches prove that you can combine both wood and steel details to create a timepiece that’s both innovative as well as time-honored.

Everyone loves the classic look of a wooden yacht. The white hull and teak deck emanate tradition and dependability. Qualities you’d also like your watch to have. While a yacht might be out of your budget, you can have a watch that looks like one with the WoodBugria Wooden Automatic Watch. These wooden watches feature wood and steel details for a creation that’s both traditional and modern. It’s a timepiece you’ll be proud to wear and one you might even want to pass down to younger generations someday.

The WoodBugria watches look like they came straight out of Martha’s Vinyard. They’re timepieces you expect to spot on the wrists of people who spend their weekends swinging on the golf course or maneuvering their yacht around the coast. But there’s a modern element brought by the stainless steel case and the colorful genuine leather straps. And it’s these features that’ll let you customize this watch to your style. Also, on the reverse side of the movement, you’ll see the operation of the flywheel behind the fuselage. Nothing’s more classic than the inner workings of a watch.

Why did the makers choose this movement?

The creators of WoodBugria watches are experienced watchmakers. They selected this recently-developed movement due to its gorgeous design and function. Created in the style of the Swiss Tourbillon movement, the barrel, and the flywheel are in the same line. Also, this movement boasts the chamfering polish technique, a polish popular with Swiss movements. And in terms of specifications, this movement features ETA movement performance and can store energy for 42 hours. Also, the movement is 7500 (21 Jewels) and has an accuracy of plus or minus 10 seconds per day.

Is this automatic watch luminous?

The watch uses BGW9 luminous details from Japan, which has excellent luminous efficacy. It’s the kind of luminous light common in driving watches. An expensive detail, it’s one that the company feels is important to the overall quality of the watch. And we couldn’t agree more. You want a watch that you can rely on, no matter the lighting. With these luminous details, you’ll be able to tell the time even in the dark.

WoodBugria Wooden Automatic Watch

WoodBugria Wooden Automatic Watch on a Wrist

What other details does this timepiece offer?

The crystal is made of sapphire crystal glass, a synthetically-produced glass is second only to diamonds in hardness. This means that the glass can stand up to your everyday lifestyle without any issues. Another nice feature is are the genuine leather straps, which, according to photos on the company’s Kickstarter page, may be offered in colors such as white, blue, and black.

WoodBugria Wooden Automatic Watch

WoodBugria Wooden Automatic Watch With a White Strap

Is this classic timepiece waterproof?

When you’re investing in a luxury watch, you want to be sure it can stand up to your day-to-day life. A watch is an investment and you don’t want it to get ruined the first time you wash your hands while wearing it. The makers of this wooden watch understand that and, for this reason, designed WoodBugria watches to have a 3 ATM water resistance. This means that this wooden watch is suitable for everyday use and is splash and rain resistant. So, go ahead, wash your hands and take a walk in the rain while wearing this watch. It’ll be just fine.

WoodBugria Wooden Automatic Watch

WoodBugria Wooden Automatic Watch With Green Details

What does the box look like?

Sometimes a watch’s box is just as important as the watch itself. After all, you might want to pass this innovative watch on to your child someday. And how will you present that gift? In a gorgeous wood box, of course, with the WoodBugria logo embossed in gold on the lid. Inside, the watch hugs a white pillow, which fits snuggly into the rest of the case. It’s a gift anyone would be thrilled to receive.

WoodBugria Wooden Automatic Watch

WoodBugria Wooden Automatic Watch With Blue Details

If you’re in the market for a modern timepiece with a classic touch, look no further than the WoodBugria Wooden Automatic watch. This wooden watch will look both traditional and contemporary on your wrist. The wood details pay homage to the classic designs of yachts and cars. Yet the steel parts and beautiful strap colors give this accessory a modern edge. It’s the classic timepiece of today and one that will complete your style any time you step out of the house.

WoodBugria Wooden Automatic Watch

WoodBugria Wooden Automatic Watch With a Black Strap

WoodBugria Wooden Automatic Watches cost $332.88, and you can preorder yours on Kickstarter.

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