This Bluetooth Transmitter Creates a Wireless Connection


The Twelve South AirFly Pro Bluetooth Transmitter will make traveling even more convenient than before. Simply plug this wireless transmitter into the seat-back display, and you can connect it with your Bluetooth headphones. So you won’t have to use the airline-supplied headphones when you have your AirPods in your back pocket. And if you like to use the workout equipment at the gym, this wireless headphone adapter eliminates the tangle from your gym bag. Plug the AirFly Pro into the treadmill or elliptical, put on your Bluetooth-enabled headphones, and start breaking a sweat. Additionally, this Bluetooth headphone adapter can connect to up to two pairs of headphones. So you and your travel buddy can both listen to the same movie without dealing with a headphone splitter. Thanks to its 16-hour battery life, the AirFly Pro will last as long as your travel takes.

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