This Digital Camera Setup Offers ISO 50000 Sensitivity


If you’re a professional photographer, the Leica S-System Digital Camera Setup is designed for you. As a medium format camera, this setup isn’t just easy to use, but it also has high-quality and durable components. In fact, the Leica S can handle splashes and dust. So, when you’re out in the field, the Leica S-System will have you covered. Additionally, Leica compares it to a 35-mm D-SLR camera in its size and design. However, its Proformat Sensor, which offers 64-megapixel resolution and ISO 50000 sensitivity, is miles above the rest. And, if you want to shoot video, you’ll love the Medium Format Cine 4K quality it offers. Connect almost any lens you want to this camera to adjust the photos you’re taking until you get just the right one.

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