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Give your home that extra layer of protection with the NIGHTLOCK Original Door Brace. This useful home security gadget withstands a ton of force and keeps your door secure, even when the locks fail. Check out this blog post to see how this sturdy gadget can make your home safer.

Smart home security devices are the backbone of IoT, and these products get more popular every year. Smart cameras, doorbells, and alarms are indeed useful at notifying you of suspicious movement and unrecognized faces on your property. But, for most of these devices, that’s where their usefulness ends; they can’t actually stop a determined intruder from breaking into your home. At the end of the day, you still need a strong door to protect you and your belongings. And that’s where the NIGHTLOCK Original door brace comes in. This sturdy door brace lock acts as a barricade for your door and looks pretty nice, too.

The NIGHTLOCK Original door brace is a tough piece of solid aluminum. It looks like a metal brace, and that’s exactly what it is; a brace that attaches to the bottom of your door and keeps it locked, even if an intruder manages to bust the lock and deadbolt off the door frame. But, while this heavy-duty home security accessory does a no-nonsense job, it comes in a range of color options to match your home’s decor. Overall, this is a gadget that can increase your home’s safety and make it harder for thieves to break in.

How does this security lock work?

When the NIGHTLOCK Original door brace is in the locked position, it keeps your door closed, even against tremendous force. When you unlock it, your door swings easily over the plate, just as it normally does. You can visit the company’s website for more information about this product’s strength test results.

NIGHTLOCK Original door brace

NIGHTLOCK Original door brace top view

What are the dimensions of this home security gadget?

This door brace lock is 9.5 inches long by 3.125 inches high while the floor plate portion is 9.5 inches long by 2.5 inches wide. Therefore, it’s a pretty compact home security gadget. It comes with 2-inch long matching screws and plastic anchors for marble, ceramic tile, or concrete floors. Another good measurement to keep in mind for this product is that it requires a 0.5-inch clearance from your floor to the bottom of your door. This space allows the NIGHTLOCK Originaldoor brace to fit on your door.

NIGHTLOCK Original door brace

NIGHTLOCK Original door brace on carpet

What doors and surfaces can you attach to the NIGHTLOCK?

What if you’ve got double doors or French doors? That’s not a problem. In addition to the standard door, this door brace lock attaches to doors with added flair. It can also account for multiple molding options. So it’s a device that fits a range of door styles and sizes. This way, you can have a secure home no matter your taste. What’s more, the floor plate anchors on ceramic tile, marble, or concrete floors.

NIGHTLOCK Original door brace

NIGHTLOCK Original door brace in the Bright Brass color option

What is this door brace made of?

This door brace lock is made of solid extruded 6,000 series structural Aluminum, which is a strong alloy containing added manganese and silicon. When combined, these elements allow the alloy to be heat-treated, which improves the material’s strength even further. So this home security lock is strong right down to its base material. That’s something that makes any homeowner feel more protected.

NIGHTLOCK Original door brace

NIGHTLOCK Original door brace in the Brushed Nickel color option

Is this home security lock easy to install?

Yes. While the exact tools and methods you use depend on your floor’s material, the basic idea is the same. To start, set the NIGHTLOCK Original door brace against the floor as close to the door as possible without touching it. Then, use the Floor Plate as a template for drilling 0.75-inch pilot holes. Finally, fasten the Floor Plate to the floor with three screws. The door should open freely above the floor plate. That’s it. And you get to use a power drill to make those holes.

NIGHTLOCK Original door brace

NIGHTLOCK Original door brace next to a white door

What color options are available?

You’re more likely to use and appreciate a security gadget when it has a beautiful design. And this door brace lock is one such gadget. For starters, it’s discrete since it measures only 9.5 inches in length. It also comes in three aesthetically pleasing color options: Bright Brass, Brushed Nickel, or Dark Bronze. So no matter your home’s decor, one of these lovely metallic shades will match.

NIGHTLOCK Original door brace

NIGHTLOCK Original door brace side view

The NIGHTLOCK Original door brace is just what every home needs to ensure a complete home security setup. It can provide that last barrier between you and a break-in, something a security camera or alarm can’t do. What’s more, this useful gadget also adds to your home’s style and is a gadget you’ll be proud to show off.

The NIGHTLOCK Original door brace lock costs $39.95 and is available on the company’s official website.

What home security products do you trust the most? Let us know about them in the comments.

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