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Looking to create passive income for your home-based business or to start your own line of athleisure clothing? The Elevate Sustainable Activewear clothing-creation site can help. This drop-shipping platform for sustainable clothing is eco-friendly and easy to use. Have a look at this new service that makes it easier than ever to design, sell, and ship your merch.

Create sustainable merch for your business with the Elevate Sustainable Activewear clothing creation platform. This drop-shipping platform for sustainable clothing helps people customize, buy, and sell eco-friendly apparel and merchandise. If you have an online business or brand, you know how important it is to have merchandise that gets the word out and creates excitement about your product or service. But, sadly, most apparel manufacturing companies don’t rely on eco-friendly practices. Elevate Sustainable Activewear is different.

Elevate Sustainable Activewear clothing creation platform on Kickstarter
Elevate Sustainable Activewear clothing creation platform on Kickstarter

The Elevate Sustainable Activewear drop-shipping platform is a service that’s worth looking into if you have a business, blog, or product you want to promote. The company hopes to create a new mobile platform with drop-shipping services and print-on-demand technology for eco-friendly clothing options. The goal is to make it easier than ever for people to start a business from home and earn passive income. Which is what we all want, no? So, without further ado, let’s take a look at this service’s offerings.

Why choose this platform for sustainable clothing?

The internet has made it easier than ever to start a business from home and create a line of sustainable clothing. And, with Elevate Sustainable Activewear, you’ll have all the tools you need to create and ship your own hats and sweatshirts just by uploading your artwork and selling it on the platform or on your own. It can help you earn a passive income, and it incentivizes sustainable shopping. Best of all, there’s no minimum inventory.

Elevate Sustainable Activewear clothing creation platform in a video

How is this clothing creation platform eco-friendly?

Let us count the ways! According to the company’s Kickstarter campaign, this drop-shipping site hopes to create a zero-waste platform that rewards people for shopping sustainably and reusing their clothing instead of throwing it away. Its top priority is ensuring that its three Ps (products, printing, and packaging) use eco-friendly materials like organic cotton, recycled plastic, and biodegradable products. Even the inks the company uses for DTG printing are nontoxic and water based. Fairly paid workers also manufacture these sustainable products in safe conditions.

Drop-shipping and print-on-demand make creating your own clothing easy

Do you dread the time-consuming, complicated process of creating your own line of clothing? Well, Elevate Sustainable Activewear simplifies the whole procedure. This platform for sustainable clothing lets you start your new clothing line with zero startup costs or physical inventory. Your designs are printed on products only after you’ve ordered them, avoiding unnecessary pollution due to mass production. Using the company’s clothing samples and models, it’s simple to create professional mock-ups of what you want.

It offers wholesale storage and distribution

If you’re a business owner, you can get progressive discounts for this drop-shipping platform’s wholesale services and receive free samples with every order. You can also take advantage of free storage at the company’s facilities, so you won’t have to stockpile sweatshirts and hats for your brand in your garage or pay a warehouse for storage. That’s a pretty convenient service, especially if you like keeping your home office free of clutter.

Remember when we mentioned that Elevate Sustainable Activewear wants to reward people for shopping sustainably? It plans to make that dream a reality by creating a rewards system that gives people the opportunity to earn Respect Points. You can redeem these for discounts and free items. The company also hopes to create a circular economy that lets people resell unwanted clothing, so things don’t just end up in the trash.

You get to customize your clothes the way you want

When it comes to designing on this drop-shipping platform, the sky’s the limit. You can print or embroider a unique graphic design on any of the apparel the company sells on its website. Otherwise, you can use designs others have uploaded or the Elevate Sustainable Activewear’s line of brand designs. So, no matter what you want to create, it can look just the way you envision.

What clothing can you create on this print-on-demand clothing platform?

Elevate Sustainable Activewear produces sustainable athleisure clothing. Because your favorite piece of clothing is probably that comfy sweatshirt you wear all the time or that tee shirt with the cool logo that fits you perfectly. When you create with Elevate Sustainable Activewear, you can design a range of lounge, exercise, comfort, performance, and leisure clothes. So you can be sure that the merchandise you create are pieces that your customers will love. If you have a business, this is a service you need in your life.

How does the marketplace work?

This drop-shipping platform makes selling your creations easy with its online marketplace. There, you can upload and sell your designs to receive royalties. Otherwise, you can sell your designs on your own platform and keep the profit. The bottom line is that this service takes the hard work out of starting a clothing company or designing merchandise from the ground up.

If you want to start creating—and selling—your own merchandise for your business, or you hope to start a clothing line, Elevate Sustainable Activewear’s clothing-creation platform makes the process easy and sustainable. This company adheres to a zero-waste policy and uses sustainable materials and practices to create environmentally friendly clothing. It even provides a marketplace where you can sell your creations. Overall, this is a pretty cool service, especially if you run your own business from home.

Elevate Sustainable Activewear clothing creation platform on Kickstarter
Elevate Sustainable Activewear clothing creation platform on Kickstarter

Pledges for the Elevate Sustainable Activewear clothing creation platform start at $49. You’ll be happy to know that the company also plants one tree for every donation and donates 3% of all profit to charity. What are your thoughts on a sustainable, user-friendly clothing creation platform? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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