This fall asleep and calm down aid uses soothing stories, songs & more


Help your child relax during moments of stress or relax before bed with the My Little Morphée. This fall asleep and calm down aid for children comes with 128 soothing stories, 16 nature sounds, and more. Discover it:


128 Soothing Stories: Your child can unwind while listening to 1 of 128 stories. For each, your child sets out to find a resource accompanied by an animal friend.

16 Nature Sound: What’s more, these 16 sounds allow your child to relax from bed. The sounds include a seascape, a crackling fire, and the purring of cats.

32 Meditations: These help your little one learn to regulate their emotions. It’s a skill they can use anywhere.

16 Soft Tunes: Moreover, this child’s relaxation gadget comes with 16 soft songs. They’ve been specially composed for My Little Morphée.

Portable Design: Additionally, this kid’s sleep aid is easy to take on the go thanks to the wooden handle.

Screen-Free Fun: Help your child disconnect with this 100% screen- and internet-free toy.


Encourage better sleep and play habits with this kids’ gadget.

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