This Hand Heater Warms Up Your Fingers While You Type


We all prefer slightly different room temperatures. And because our hands are often the coldest parts of our bodies, the VARME Hand Heater will help them avoid freezing. This striking gadget comfortably warms your cold hands while you work at the computer. In fact, it emits an additional seven degrees Celsius—12 degrees Fahrenheit—to keep your fingers cozy. Creating a specific comfort zone, this personal heater has a fabric outer shell that gives it a modern look. Moreover, the fabric makes it easy for you to handle and move the heater when necessary. Designed with LEDs, this gadget uses infrared spot heating to help your fingers stay nice and warm as you type the day away. Available in several colors, this gadget has a stand and angles above your workspace. So your keyboard and mouse will be comfortably warm when you’re ready to start work for the day.

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