This High-Tech Otoscope Ear Cleaner Cleans Ears Better


Cleaning your ears is a daily task for most of us. But you shouldn’t be doing it with a cotton swab. The Bebird High-Tech Otoscope Ear Cleaner is a much better solution. And a much safer one. This ear-cleaning device features soft silica gel ear spoons that are gentle on your ears. This gadget is also equipped with a 1080p HD camera that allows you to see the real-time images of tiny details inside of your ear canal. When you can see inside your ear clearly with this camera’s 3 million pixels and 31.6mm lens, you can ensure safety when cleaning your ears. It also has 4 types of relaxation, 3 types of ear massage, and 6 types of stimulation. All with easy magnetic charging. Once you’ve charged it for 1.5 hours, it will last for two months. Even better, the Bebird X17 is constructed with anti-scratch, aluminum alloy material. With the portable storage case, it’s super convenient to take it on the go.

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