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Can tech help improve your skin health? You bet it can when you have the Zmirror all-in-one smart mirror. This intelligent mirror evaluates your skin health and even acts like a personal assistant. Keep reading this blog to find out more.

Have you ever wished there really was a magic mirror that could tell you about your loveliness? While smart mirrors can’t have a conversation with you—yet—they can at least evaluate your skin’s condition and suggest ways to improve it. And when they’re equipped with Amazon Alexa, you can ask your mirror to play your favorite music, tell you the weather, and remind you about your schedule. This innovative smart mirror exists, and it’s called the Zmirror all-in-one smart mirror.

The Zmirror makes a futuristic addition to your vanity table or bathroom sink. It features a concave mirror with an LED ring light that has numerous lighting options. There’s even a colorful mood lamp. The material is a metallic shade that blends into the rest of the gadgets in your bedroom and gives the gadget a futuristic vibe. Finally, with sound by Harman Kardon, you’ll listen to music with incredible audio.

Monitor your skin’s condition

One of the most impressive features of this innovative smart mirror is its ability to track your skin’s quality. Just snap a selfie to get a skin health evaluation. This keeps you informed about your skin’s health and helps you on your quest to improve it. These days, getting an appointment with a dermatologist can be difficult, but when you’ve got a skin quality tracking device at home, you can develop good skin habits on your own.

According to the company’s Indiegogo page, the skincare recommendation algorithm draws on one of the largest skin databases anyone has ever analyzed. It includes skin of all colors and ages. The special Face Matrix technology was developed by a dermatologist and is a recommendation engine that scores and recommends treatments as often as you like. No doctor’s visit or copay is required. Best of all, this innovative smart mirror gives your skin an overall score so that you can track its condition over time.

Zmirror all-in-one smart mirror

Zmirror all-in-one smart mirror on a nightstand

Access your personal assistant

But skin monitoring isn’t all this high-tech smart mirror does. Zmirror comes with built-in Amazon Alexa, allowing you to improve your productivity and multitask throughout your morning routine. So, while you’re grooming your eyebrows, you can ask Alexa to run you through your day’s schedule, play your favorite music, read you the headlines, and so much more.

Zmirror all-in-one smart mirror

Zmirror all-in-one smart mirror in a bathroom

Choose your favorite light

The LED ring lighting comes in three lighting modes to fit your needs: Cool, White, and Warm. Cool has a luminance of 950 Lux, giving you bright, clear light for checking details. White mimics midday sunlight for your daily skincare and makeup needs. And Warm simulates indoor lighting similar to restaurants, so you’ll know how you look when you’re out and about. The mood lamp features a full spectrum of colors that you can change at any time via your voice, phone app, or the mirror’s touchscreen.

Zmirror all-in-one smart mirror

Zmirror all-in-one smart mirror in a bedroom

Control the mirror and lamp with your voice and gestures

This innovative smart mirror’s speaker system isn’t just for entertainment purposes; it also lets you control the mirror and lap. When you want to turn your ring light or mood lamp off, simply ask it. You can even manage the brightness settings via voice command. And for touch-free control, wave your hand over the mirror to turn the ring on or off to get a closer look at your face.

Zmirror all-in-one smart mirror

Zmirror all-in-one smart mirror next to a bed

Hear incredible audio with this smart beauty gadget

The Zmirror features incredible Hi-Fi Stereo Sound thanks to the 360-degree Harman Kardon speaker. It gives you a listening experience with crisp highs and rich bass. This way, you can listen to your favorite music, podcasts, and videos as they were meant to be heard.

Zmirror all-in-one smart mirror

Zmirror all-in-one smart mirror in a living room

Enjoy an intelligent mirror that’s easy to clean

The gadgets you use for personal hygiene are high-touch surfaces. Luckily, this innovative smart mirror has anti-fingerprint technology, letting you use it as you need to without covering it in fingerprints. This is super convenient if you like your bathroom gadgets to have a clean, sanitary look.

Connect to this high-tech beauty gadget easily

Although the Zmirror performs some pretty complex functions, it’s easy to connect to. In fact, you can connect this smart mirror via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and enjoy your playlists and podcasts right from your phone on the Zmirror’s sound system.

The Zmirror all-in-one smart mirror is the ultimate bathroom gadget. It checks your skin’s health and offers suggestions for improving it. It also keeps you connected with your day-to-day life and the high-quality speakers provide you with great sound. Best of all, this innovative smart mirror is a cost-effective way to take care of your skin, saving you money on pricy facials, spa treatments, and dermatologist appointments. The Zmirror is a gadget anyone would be happy to own.

The Zmirror all-in-one smart mirror costs $199, and you can preorder yours on Indiegogo.

Do you own any smart bathroom products? Let us know how they’ve worked out for you in the comments.

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