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Don’t you wish you could protect your iPhone and still enjoy its beautiful aesthetic? Now you can, when you have the Arc Pulse reinvented iPhone 12 case. This case blends in with your phone’s simple design and provides top-of-the-line protection.

Do you love the look and feel of your iPhone and get a little disappointed when, moments after unboxing, you have to cloak its beauty with a bulky cover? Then you might want to consider a different cover. Yes, you can enjoy your iPhone’s beautiful design while keeping it protected for the months and years ahead with the Arc Pulse reinvented iPhone 12 case. This new iPhone 12 cover lets you hold your bare iPhone in your hands and offers the protection it needs.

The Arc Pulse reinvented iPhone 12 case features a minimalist design. It comes in two parts: one for the top and one for the bottom of your phone. The company’s Indiegogo page says that they’ve only used the best materials for this product: aerospace-grade aluminum and titanium. Although it looks quite spartan compared to the other iPhone covers out there, the Arc Pulse provides protection where you need it the most: on the front, sides, back, and on the camera lens. Let’s take a closer look at some of the features of this cool product.

Get a better iPhone experience

A big part of having a high-end smartphone is the experience it offers you. I’m talking about the feel of the quality materials and carefully designed shape in the palm of your hand. All of that counts for something, but if you put an unaesthetic cover over your phone, you miss out on all of that. This elegant iPhone 12 cover lets you show off your iPhone and preserves the iPhone experience.

Arc Pulse reinvented iPhone 12 case 01

Arc Pulse reinvented iPhone 12 case during a group selfie

Interact with your iPhone

The Arc Pulse aims to let you interact with your phone more than any other case. It features a super slim design along with aerospace-grade, high-quality metal surfaces that complement those you’ll find on an iPhone. So, while the design is minimal, it’s also made using high-quality materials. This helps the cover blend right into your phone, letting you pair your high-end phone with comparable metals.

Arc Pulse reinvented iPhone 12 case

Arc Pulse reinvented iPhone 12 case in a user’s hand

Enjoy a simply designed smartphone cover

Your fifth-grade teacher probably taught you the importance of KISS (keep it simple, silly). And nowhere does that saying hold more truth than when it comes to a minimalist design. This new iPhone 12 cover demonstrates that the objects you use every day should be simple. The Arc Pulse’s slide-on fit is easy to put onto your iPhone, giving you the ideal enclosure right out of the box.

Arc Pulse reinvented iPhone 12 case

Arc Pulse reinvented iPhone 12 case on a phone in use

Protect your phone with this minimalist iPhone 12 cover

I wrote earlier that this elegant iPhone 12 cover gives you protection where it matters the most. The Arc Pulse deflects impact at the front, sides, back, and over the camera lenses of your phone. These are the areas that are most vulnerable to bumps. Also, the quality materials and manufacturing techniques distribute the shock of an impact across this iPhone cover’s surface. Meanwhile, shock-absorbent and custom-engineered inner layers absorb the impact.

Arc Pulse reinvented iPhone 12 case 01

Arc Pulse reinvented iPhone 12 case on a phone in a person’s hand

Experience automobile-industry-level shock absorption

The creators of this new iPhone 12 accessory teamed up with a senior partner experienced in developing materials that are shock-resistant for the automobile industry. And you know those features have to be good. Together, both the company and the partner developed a layer of shock-resistant materials that are tightly bonded to this cover’s metal shell. This gives your phone some of the best shock protection out there.

Arc Pulse reinvented iPhone 12 case

Arc Pulse reinvented iPhone 12 case in use

Distribute the force of impact with this elegant iPhone 12 cover

The company’s Indiegogo page writes that titanium grade 5 has an impressive strength-to-weight ratio and is corrosion resistant. It also withstands drops and shocks, so it’s a great material for a smartphone cover. The other material featured in this case is Aluminum 7075, one of the most resistant aluminum options you can find. Both materials can be described as “aerospace”, because they are heat-treated, then hardened. This pushes the materials to their limits and helps them stand up to your active lifestyle.

The Arc Pulse reinvented iPhone 12 case is suitable for anyone who loves every aspect of their iPhone and doesn’t want to miss out on the full ownership experience. This new iPhone 12 cover is minimalist, but it offers serious protection with its high-tech materials and dual-layer protection design. And with its two-piece design, it makes a truly unique case. It’s a great addition to your iPhone 12 accessory collection or as a gift for the iPhone 12 owner in your life.

The Arc Pulse iPhone 12 case costs $70.05, and you can preorder yours on Indiegogo.

What does your ideal iPhone case look like or include? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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