This performance cooler by Oyster Tempo holds up to 36 cans


Keep your cold drinks chilled with the Oyster Tempo performance cooler. This gadget is packed with features that make it a game-changer for your adventures. Here’s what sets it apart.


– “Ice Free”: Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with ice. The Oyster Tempo gets cold quickly and stays that way without the need for ice.

– More Space: With its innovative technology, the Oyster Tempo provides 3 times the space. Moreover, it fits up to 36 cold cans.

– Colder Longer: The brand claims that this performance cooler gets 3 times colder than ordinary premium coolers.

– Easy to Fix, Easy to Clean: What’s more, you can easily repair this sustainable cooler. It disassembles without any tools.

– Designed to Fit Your Needs: The Oyster Tempo offers multiple carrying and mounting options.

– Effortless Access: Say goodbye to struggling with coolers. You can open the Oyster Tempo with 1 hand.

– 100% Recyclable: The Oyster Tempo is 100% recyclable.


Enjoy cold drinks wherever your adventures take you with the Oyster Tempo!

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