This Private Monitor Screen Comes with Its Own Case


Allowing you to maintain privacy wherever you are, the Privli Private Monitor Screen is totally portable. This convertible private screen works with desktop computers, laptops, and even gaming consoles. A powerful privacy screen, it provides you with a touch-enabled second monitor. And it’s not just any monitor setup: it actually provides 4K UHD resolution. Additionally, it’s quite sleek and elegant looking. It weighs just 1.29 pounds and is only 9.7 millimeters thick. These specs make it easily portable in any backpack or bag. Made of aluminum, this private computer monitor also comes in an artificial leather case. Furthermore, this setup allows you to use the Privli as a laptop or tablet. Finally, it even comes with a stand on the back that’s adjustable. So you can ensure you’re using it at an angle that’s comfortable for you.

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