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Do you want to stay warm on the slopes this winter? Have a look at this self-heating shirt from Polar Seal. It features a flexible, lightweight design with two zones of heat and three heating levels for a full day of comfort. It’s never been easier to enjoy your time in the cold.

If you love to ski or snowboard but find that you sometimes get a little too cold to enjoy yourself, you’ll want to check out the Polar Seal Heated Zip Top self-warming shirt. This self-heating shirt is great for winter-sports enthusiasts and even arctic explorers. Because no one should have to suffer if they have difficulty keeping themselves warm in the cold. There are self-heating shirts for that.

Designwise, the Heated Zip Top looks like your typical sports thermal wear with its zipped high collar and lightweight fabric. But, like so many things, it’s what’s inside of this shirt that counts. Heating elements are built right into the textile and are breathable as well as flexible. It’s wearable tech that truly brings Silicon Valley to the slopes in a powerful way.

Enjoy two zones of heat

These heated thermal shirts give you the option of two zones of heat: one on your lower back and another on your upper back. You can use them separately or simultaneously to bring the heat where you need it most. So if the temperature on the slopes is quite cold in the morning, you could activate both zones. And once the weather heats up toward the afternoon, you can switch to just one zone. Best of all, each zone allows for three levels of heat to keep you at the perfect temperature. With this shirt, you’ve got options, and we all like those.

Polar Seal Heated Zip Top Self-Heating Shirt

Polar Seal Heated Zip Top Self-Heating Shirt waterproof buttons

Stay warm for up to 7.5 hours

Depending on your needs, this self-heating shirt can deliver up to 7.5 hours of warmth. That’s pretty much a full day at the ski resort. So, weather conditions permitting, you can expect 7.5 hours of heat on low power, 5.5 hours on medium power, and 3.5 hours on high power. Of course, actual times can vary, and battery times may decline at very low temperatures, but that’s plenty of time for most people in the cold outdoors. If you’re an avid skier, this shirt is a must-add to your winter necessities list.

Polar Seal Heated Zip Top Self-Heating Shirt

Polar Seal Heated Zip Top Self-Heating Shirt buttons on a blue shirt

Adjust this heated shirt easily

Don’t worry; you won’t have to lock yourself in the lodge bathroom every time you want to adjust the Zip Top heat. The color-coded control buttons let you change settings in just 10 seconds. Shockproof and water-resistant, you won’t have to worry about them while you’re flying down the slopes. They also work with gloves, so your hands won’t get cold, either.

Polar Seal Heated Zip Top Self-Warming Shirt

Polar Seal Heated Zip Top Self-Warming Shirt on a man and a woman

Charge this winter-sports shirt with a power bank

You’ll be able to use your own power bank to charge this shirt. This allows you to choose the power bank you like most in terms of brand, size, capacity, etc. Regardless of which bank you prefer, you’ll need one that provides 5 volts with an output of 2A or more (with a USB-A connector) that delivers 5,000 to 20,000 mAh. You can buy a power bank with these specs online or at most electronics stores.

Polar Seal Heated Zip Top Self-Warming Shirt

Polar Seal Heated Zip Top Self-Warming Shirt on a woman outdoors

Wear this versatile shirt for any winter sport

The Polar Seal Zip Top features a fabric that’s breathable, flexible, and lightweight. You almost won’t notice that you’re wearing it, except that it’ll keep you warm and toasty. And the shirt’s versatile nature makes it the perfect clothing choice for all winter sports. So no matter if you’re a professional-level downhill skier or an amateur snowboarder, this self-heating shirt will provide you with the lightweight warmth you need to not feel restricted.

Polar Seal Heated Zip Top Self-Warming Shirt

Polar Seal Heated Zip Top Self-Warming Shirt on a man in front of a beach with ice

Choose a detail-driven design

The designers at Polar Seal created a great shirt down to the last detail. In addition to providing lightweight warmth, they’ve even included optional thumbholes for icy conditions. And the high-collar design isn’t just for looks. According to the company’s website, researchers believe that the neck is an optimal area to warm due to its proximity to the body’s thermoregulation center, the hypothalamus. So keeping a warm object near the neck could expedite warming. Really, it’s a shirt that’s packed with thoughtful features, and that makes all the difference.

Polar Seal Heated Zip Top Self-Warming Shirt

Polar Seal Heated Zip Top Self-Warming Shirt on a man stood outside in the snow

Check out these other great details

This self-heating shirt is also sweat-wicking, so it’ll draw moisture away from you during your most intense activities. This further helps to keep you warm since sweat won’t accumulate on the garment. There’s also a hidden power bank pocket at the side, letting you keep your charger with you if you need to give it some juice on the go.

For people who love winter sports but sometimes get a little too cold, the Polar Seal Heated Zip Top self-warming shirt is a godsend. Finally, there’s a self-heating shirt that can give you the warmth you need to ski or snowboard comfortably all day long. Plus, this gadget is packed with useful features like a thumbhole design, flexible fabric, and a pocket for your power bank. Best of all, this shirt is durable and easy to use. I know what I’m putting on my holiday wish-list this year.

The Polar Seal Heated Zip Top self-warming shirt costs $199, and you can get it from the official website.

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