This Thawing Tray Comes in Cool Copper and Silver Colors


With the THAWTHAT! DELUXE Thawing Tray, defrosting isn’t a messy business. Without any batteries or electricity, this tray thaws meat while ensuring your meal maintains its flavors. It does this because it has a thermal liquid that’s sealed inside. The liquid words together with the aluminum defrosting tray material to conduct heat. It might look like it has a simple design, but this meat thawing tool works effectively and efficiently. With non-slip silicone feet, it won’t move around your countertop. And thanks to its built-in drip tray, the THAWTHAT! DELUXE won’t create a mess on your countertop. Thaw your food faster than room temperature air and the refrigerator can, more evenly than the microwave can, and with less waste than a bowl of warm water. Requiring no batteries or electricity, this kitchen gadget is always ready when you need it.

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