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Love camping but wish your time outdoors could be more comfortable and convenient? Check out this ultralight chair. It can prop you to the same height as a normal chair and folds into a shape that’s no bigger than a 1.25-liter bottle. Just because you’re in nature, doesn’t mean you have to sit on the ground.

It’s the beginning of August, and you know what that means. It’s time to spend the last summer weekends outdoors in the fresh air and cooking next to a campfire. The trouble with camping, though? It’s not always the most comfortable experience. There’s no shower or air conditioning, and the ground is hard. While this product can’t help with the first two, it does provide an excellent seating solution. Sure, there are all sorts of camping chairs out there, but most are low to the ground and heavy. Campster‘s full-height ultralight chair is quite the opposite.

The first thing I noticed about this chair was its playful and sporty design. With material that’s suspended from the top portion of the frame to the bottom, this chair looks a little like a hammock. The tripod legs also add to the relaxed, modern style. It’s a chair that looks as natural at the beach as it does next to a lake. A chair you could imagine yourself relaxing in as you listen to the birds chirp in the trees above you.

This camping gadget is easy to set up and take down

When you arrive at your campsite, you don’t want to waste time setting up a chair. That’s what the tent is for. For this reason, Campster’s creators developed a full-height ultralight chair with a simple method of opening and collapsing. With just one pull, this chair’s locking system uses gravity to unfold in under 10 seconds. That’s less time than it takes to check your email. With a chair this simple, you can spend more time cooking your camp pies and napping in the shade.

Campster Full-Height Ultralight Chair

Campster Full-Height Ultralight Chair Being Set Up

This foldable seat has a unique design

When you’re camping, you’ve got loads of stuff to take with you. And if you’re not camping—say hiking or at the beach—you’ll want the items you carry to be as few and as light as possible. Luckily, Campster was designed to be the smallest, lightest, and least restrictive portable chair ever. The chair weighs just two pounds, so it’ll be easy to carry across your back. And its tripod seat gives you the comfort you crave while you’re away from home since it lets you shift and move around easily. Best of all, Campster raises you a full 17 inches off the ground, the same height as a typical chair. That means you’ll be able to eat or play a board game comfortably on a card table.

Campster Full-Height Ultralight Chair

Campster Full-Height Ultralight Chair with a Family Playing a Game

You can use this camping chair anywhere

But this lightweight chair isn’t just for camping. Campster is so compact and lightweight that it’s excellent for all of your flexible seating needs. Bring this ultralight chair to tailgates, country fairs, and fireworks displays. Parents can set up their Campster while they watch their kids play sports. And beer lovers can recline while they sit and chat. Have frequent house guests? Set up Campster in their room for extra seating. It’s a chair that’s perfect year-round in any location.

Campster Full-Height Ultralight Chair

Campster Full-Height Ultralight Chair on a Person’s Back

This gadget requires minimal storage space

Remember those beach chairs you’ve got in your basement? You only use them once or twice in the summer, yet they take up valuable space next to your Christmas decorations all-year-long. With these ultralight chairs, you won’t have that problem. First, they fold down to just over a foot in size, so you won’t have to designate a particular storage area in your home for them. You could just stow them upright in your hall closet, which is probably the best place since you’ll use them all the time. Even in the winter, because when you’re skiing and ice fishing, you’ll still need a place to sit down.

Campster Full-Height Ultralight Chair

Campster Full-Height Ultralight Chair at a Campsite

You’ll love all the details

But Campster wasn’t only designed to be portable and lightweight. This ultralight chair’s creators paid attention to every detail, ensuring that their product truly is the best portable chair you can buy. That’s why the chair back features breathable mesh fabric that will keep your back dry and fresh while you sit, which is great if you’ve been hiking or working out in the sun. Also, two side pockets provide a handy place for your smartphone, sunscreen, or any other item you’d like to keep nearby.

Campster Full-Height Ultralight Chair

Campster Full-Height Ultralight Chair Outdoors

The last month of summer is a great time to get outdoors. Whether you’re planning a family camping trip or some luxurious days by the beach, Campster’s full-height ultralight chair is a gadget you’ll want to take with you. It’s highly portable, lightweight, and easy to use. Plus, it looks great and feels so comfortable to sit in. It’ll make your time outdoors even more enjoyable because you won’t have to scour your surroundings for a chair or sit on the ground ever again.

Campster’s full-height ultralight chair costs $129 and you can preorder it on Indiegogo.

Campster Full-Height Ultralight Chair

Campster Full-Height Ultralight Chair at the Beach

Campster Full-Height Ultralight Chair

Campster Full-Height Ultralight Chair in a Field

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