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You love decorative plants and would love to have a garden of your own. The trouble is, you don’t have much natural light, and your history with keeping greenery alive isn’t stellar. But don’t despair. You can still grow healthy, beautiful plants at home with QBUX urban farming gadget. Check out this post to see how you, too, can grow herbs, vegetables, and more at home.

Think you can’t grow healthy greens and vegetables in your tiny (or not so tiny) city apartment? Think again. You don’t need to live in the suburbs or have a thumb that’s particularly green to enjoy perfect homegrown produce. With QBUX urban farming gadget, you can grow herbs, vegetables, and greens indoors even if your lighting isn’t perfect, and even if you’re terrible at keeping plants alive.

This urban gardening gadget has a cool design. It consists of a quirky planter, two high-quality grow lights, and two adjustable arms for the lights. You’ll also get the bulb-shaped, self-watering Orb that’s inspired by a 4,000-year-old irrigation technique. And as far as colors go, you’ll be spoiled for choice with bright hues like Carrot Orange, Marble Black, Snow White, Red Tulip, and Green Lime.

How does this home-gardening system work?

When it comes to growing produce in your house, this urban gardening gadget has everything you need. You’ll use a wired controller to manage the LED grow lights and choose from three different light intensities. These intensities have the wavelengths plants need to replace the Sun completely. This way, you’ll be able to grow plants indoors, year-round, even in completely dark rooms. The LED lights support a variety of plants, and each wavelength color stimulates a particular biological function.

QBUX Urban Farming Gadget

QBUX Urban Farming Gadget on a Desk

Why does this home garden need adjustable lights?

The adjustable arms allow you to position the grow lights at different angles, providing more complete coverage. Having a changeable position also prevent leaves from burning. The arms are flexible, rotate 360 degrees, and make greens grow like crazy.

QBUX Urban Farming Gadget

QBUX Urban Farming Gadget Close Up

How does the self-watering feature work?

The QBUX comes with a self-watering Orb or mini-irrigation system. It’s inspired by a 4,000-year-old watering technique used in Persia, Keyna, and other areas of the world. The Orb’s porous walls let water seep into the soil as the plant needs it. Also, the soil and the plant’s roots create a suction force. So if the soil is dry, water inside the Orb releases water where the roots pull it out. This ensures that your plants have the correct amount of moisture all the time. It also creates deep root growth, which results in a healthier plant.

QBUX Urban Farming Gadget

QBUX Urban Farming Gadget With LEDs on

How often do I have to water my QBUX?

No matter how busy you are, your plants can still thrive. That’s because QBUX will give your plants just the right amount of water. All you have to do is water them once a week, and your herbs and veggies should be good to go. This urban garden really is great for busy people.

QBUX Urban Farming Gadget

QBUX Urban Farming Gadget Being Watered

Can you really grow plants anywhere with this urban farm?

Yes, you can grow plants pretty much anywhere in this urban gardening gadget. You can attach QBUX  with different mounts to a wall, desk, glass window, bathroom, and more. If you can attach a mount to it or set your planter on it, you can grow plants there. This is good news if you live in a studio apartment, or if you want to maximize the space in your house.

QBUX Urban Farming Gadget

QBUX Urban Farming Gadget With Decorative Plants

What plants can you grow with this self-watering planter?

You can select any seeds or growing medium for this urban gardening gadget. Some great edibles to put in your QBUX include basil, parsley, mint, cherry tomatoes, and peppers. If you dream of having a kitchen garden full of herbs and vegetables, then this is a useful gadget for you.

QBUX Urban Farming Gadget

QBUX Urban Farming Gadget on a Workspace

This urban gardening gadget is an excellent product if you’ve always wanted to grow fresh herbs on your window sill but don’t have the time or lighting conditions to make that possible. This self-watering planter provides the roots of your plants with the perfect amount of water, and light with almost zero effort from you. Yes, you can produce amazing herbs, flowers, and vegetables at home in the city.

QBUX urban farming gadget is available for preorder from Kickstarter for $21.64.

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