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The number of smart air purifiers has really grown over the past few years. There are ones that can purify your entire house and others that you wear to purify the air around you. So which smart air purifier should you go for? Check out today’s blog to find out the best ones.

When it comes to keeping your indoor air clean and fresh, you want to get the best air purifier. And smart air purifiers are way more efficient. But, with so many air purifiers out there, it can be difficult to select the one for your home.

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So here are our favorite smart air purifiers. From ones you can actually wear to others that offer sustainable purification, the products on this list are quite versatile. Check it out for yourself and grab the air purifier you always wanted.

VOCOlinc Smart Air Purifier VAP1

The VOCOlinc Smart Air Purifier VAP1 removes even the finest dust from your house. Thanks to its three stages of advanced HEPA filtration, this is one of our favorite smart air purifiers because it takes out up to 99.97% of gasses and particles as small as 0.3 microns. In fact, you’ll love that it cleans a standard-size room in as little as 10 minutes and that you can command it with your voice via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

VOCOlinc Smart Air Purifier VAP1

VOCOlinc Smart Air Purifier VAP1 in a nursery

Quair Plasma Mini Wearable Air Purifier

You can wear your air purifier like a necklace when it’s the Quair Plasma Mini Wearable Air Purifier. In fact, it releases positive and negative ions into the air that bond with airborne contaminants and causes them to break down. And this lowers the number of harmful particles and viruses in the air immediately around you, ensuring that you’re always breathing clean, healthy air.

Coway Icon Quiet Air Purifier

If you’re looking for a smart air purifier that doesn’t clash with your decor, go for the Coway Icon quiet Air Purifier. It features a modern design in a neutral color palette, making it look just like another beautiful accessory in your home. It removes 99% of ultrafine dust and odors, including mold, pet dander, gases from cleaning products, and more. And it’s quiet, so it won’t disturb your sleep or deep work sessions.

Coway Icon quiet air purifier

Coway Icon quiet air purifier in a home

EnviroKlenz Air System Plus

For a high-tech way to improve your air quality, check out the EnviroKlenz Air System Plus. It uses military-grade technology that includes earth-minerals to capture and break down the particles you don’t want: microorganisms, chemicals, noxious odors, and more. And it includes both HEPA and UV-C filtration.

BISSELL air320 Smart Air Purifier

The BISSELL air320 Smart Air Purifier is another air purifier that combines beauty and functionality. This air purifier uses a three-stage filtration process that captures incredibly tiny particles like dust, pollen, hair, smoke, and dander. And it looks great in your house with its fabric cover and angled peg legs.

Philips 5000i Series Extra-Large Air Purifier

If you have a home with large rooms, the Philips 5000i Series Extra-Large Air Purifier is a great choice. It’s a heavy-duty smart air purifier that uses two HEPA filters and doubles the airflow for maximum performance. Via the app, you can track indoor and outdoor air quality. The device also automatically detects even the slightest increase in allergens.

Molekule Air Mini Series Home Air Purifiers

But, if you need something for a smaller apartment or office, the Molekule Air Mini Series Home Air Purifiers have you covered. Designed for spaces up to 250 square meters in size, these smart air purifiers have a 360-degree air intake and whisper-quiet fans. They’ll capture particles and eliminate pollutants so that you breathe only clean air.

Dyson Pure Humidify+ Cool 3-in-1 Air Purifier

The Dyson Pure Humidify+ Cool 3-in-1 Air Purifier does triple duty. It combines a fan, air purifier, and humidifier in one gadget. It also recognizes what sort of filtration the air in your room needs and takes care of it for you. With HEPA and activated carbon filters, it captures 99.97% of gases and 99.9% of bacteria.

Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool 3-in-1 Air Purifier

Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool 3-in-1 air purifier in a living room

Natede Smart Natural Air Purifier

The Natede Smart Natural Air Purifier is a natural way to filter air. How does that work? It relies on the natural phytoremediation power of plants to take out VOCs, bacteria, viruses, fine particulates, and odors. Another great feature is its washable filter—you don’t even need to replace it, which helps you avoid waste and extra cost.

Respira Air-Purifying Garden

Your space will feel like a botanical garden when you add the Respira Air-Purifying Garden. This beautiful plant garden uses biofiltration to purify the air in your home or office. And it adds humidity and evaporative cooling to any room. IoT enabled, it connects to your home system for easy management wherever you are.

The smart air purifiers on this list are sure to fill the rooms of your home or office with fresh, clean air. And you can choose from a variety of natural, heavy-duty, and portable options. Which of these useful air purifiers do you think you’d like to have? Let us know in the comment section.

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